Red Wing Sponge band Casserole



We have a small crock that says it was made in Red Wing. I was wondering if you could tell by he logo what time period it’s from. I put it on our scanner and took 3 “pictures”.   haha It is about 3″ high and not quite 6″ diameter and in dang near perfect condition.

Thank-you so much for your time.




Karen, you have a Red Wing Sponge band Casserole.  Without lid, the value is around $150 if in perfect condition.  The Sponge band stoneware was introduced in the late 1920’s by the Red Wing Stoneware Company.  Al Kohlman

Collection of Lazy 8 salt glazed beehives 3,4, & 5 gallon


I purchased this matching set 3, 4, & 5 gallon beehive from the late Roger Hildebrand, here in Pelican Rapids Minnesota. I’ve had them about 15 years, held in storage and flawless. All three have turkey droppings on the backsides. I’m interested in their value individually but probably more importantly as a set since they were put together as a matching set.



David, these lazy 8 salt glazed beehives have dropped in value from what they use to sell for.   These lazy 8 beehives have a value today in the area of $450 to $600 each.   You will always do better to sell them individually than as a set.  However in a set you are looking at $1200 to $1600 and of course buyers always want to bundle to reduce the price, so this is why we like to sell them individually.   Al Kohlman

Red Wing 5 gallon transition shoulder jug


Good evening!

I have a question for you! Actually it could lead to several questions!! First, I bought this 5 gallon whiskey jug as it caught my eye since it had the 5 stamp of the Redwing. However, it does not have any other marks! No red wings stamp or the circle of the Redwing logo. So I’m quite confused with it. I have another 5 gallon jug and the 5 stamps are identical. Just in different places. It has no chips or cracks, excellent condition. The antique store I bought it from said it was a Redwing. I shall have a 20 gallon crock, 6 gallon and several other pieces. I love them! Can’t get enough!! So if someone can help me out here I would really appreciate it very much!!

Thank you!!



Denise, you do indeed have a Red Wing 5 gallon transition shoulder jug. These jugs where produced for a short period right when the Red Wing Stoneware Company & the Minnesota Stoneware Company merged.   Red Wing had taken a number of the Minnesota Stoneware Company potters who placed the gallon-age number on the top of the dome.   With just the number 5 and no other decorations, the value is somewhat lower than if it had a wing or leaves.  Value in perfect condition is between $50 & $60.  Al Kohlman

Red Wing reversed oval 10 gallon butter churn


My name is Kyle and my family and I have a 10 gallon Red Wing butter churn with large 6″ wing (no lid or wood tool.)  After researching information on your site I believe the age to be between 1909-1915 from your Stone Oval reference.  This has been in my family for many years and I am looking for additional information for my own personal information, and proper insurance coverage.

Thanking you in advance for your help.



Kyle, your Red Wing reversed oval 10 gallon butter churn is absolutely stunning.  Just too back that someone drilled a hole in the bottom of this gorgeous churn.  The hole will take  the value down some, but still a nice piece.   Value as I see it, $2000 to $2400.  Al Kohlman

Johnsons Apple Cider Red Wing threshing jug


I was wondering if you could give me an information on this.


Your Johnsons Apple Cider Red Wing threshing jug was produced between 1909 & 1917.  Value if in perfect condition would be in the area of $2000 to $2500 or so.   Al Kohlman

8 gallon double leaf salt glazed back stamped Minnesota Stoneware crock



I found this 8 gallon salt glaze in a basement after cleaning it up I noted the sidewall stamp for Minnesota Stoneware Co, Redwing, Minn.  There is a small flake/chip to the inner rim but no other damage, cracks, hairlines etc.  Both handles are unchipped and in general one of the cleaner crocks I have found.   The design is crisp with two birch leaves.

Can you give me an idea of age and value and or is this enough information.  The side wall stamp is on the back or reverse from the front design.  I included a group picutres with anohter bee singe 8 gallon and abee sting 12 gallon for size.  I have the two birch leaf turned in one picutre to show the reverse side wall stamp.




Jim, your 8 gallon double leaf salt glazed back stamped Minnesota Stoneware crock is just a gorgeous piece. It was produced sometime between 1883 & 1895.  Because of the double leaves, large size of leaves and extremely well executed, the value would be somewhere between $2000 & $2300.  Just a killer piece.  Al Kohlman

Red Wing Florist Vase


Good Morning,

I picked this piece up last week at an auction in SD. Its about 10.25″ tall.   I don’t think it’s RW, but wanted to ask the expert ;)   I remember similar items like this being sold years ago at Gulbranson auction in Trent, SD.   I want to think they were called cemetery urns, but it’s been too long ago to remember details.    Any thoughts would be appreciated.

We visited the RW museum about a month ago!   Amazing.   We picked up a Spring Song plate in the gift shop!   Love it.

Thank you!!


Answer: Cal, you do indeed have a Red Wing Florist Vase.  In perfect condition and without advertising the value is between $225 & $275.   Al Kohlman

Red Wing Stoneware Montana advertising fancy jug


I am trying to get an idea of when it was made.

I have attached 3 pictures, it is 10 inches high and 8 inches in diameter with “redwing stoneware co” molded on the bottom.

Would appreciate any help you can give me.


Answer: Dave, your Red Wing Stoneware Montana advertising fancy jug was made at the turn of the century.  Anywhere from 1900 to 1920.     Hope this is what you were looking for.  Al Kohlman

Crock, Churns and Jugs


Hi Al,

Really appreciate your valuable info you give to the collectors !

I’ve been collecting Red Wing for a few years now and would like your opinion on the value of some of my most recent finds.

The 3 beehive jugs  are all in good condition with no cracks, the

3 gal. however has a blister on the front  in the glazing .

The 2nd, 3rd & 4th pictures are of the handles of the same

crocks  [as in 1st picture.]

The 5th picture is of two 5 gal. bee hive crocks, no cracks. The one on the right has a tiny factory flaw on the right side of the wing. The difference between them is that they have different ovals.

The 6th picture is of the handles of the same crocks.

The 7th picture is of 2 butter churns , one is a 10 gal and the other is a 5 gal.

The 10 gal. has no lid and a small  [factory flaw] in the glazing near the front on the rim.

The 5 gal. is flawless including the lid. Would appreciate your comments and hope you can give a value on these pieces.




Klaas, the 3 & 5 gallon Red Wing Birch leaf beehives would have a value between $275 & $300.  The 5 gallon Albany Slip beehive is not Red Wing and I have no idea on value for it.  The two 5 gallon Imperial Red Wing Beehive jugs have a value between $300 & $350.  The 10 gallon Red Wing churn $1700 to $2000.  Lastly the 5 gallon Birch leaf Red Wing churn with lid, $225 to $250.  Values are for perfect pieces.  Al Kohlman

10 gallon Red Wing salt glazed leaf crock


Hello I recently found this crock at a local store. It is in excellent condition. Would you please tell me of the approximate value. Thank you Wayne


Wayne, the 10 gallon Red Wing salt glazed leaf crock if in perfect condition would have a value between $650 & $750.  Al Kohlman