5 gallon Colfax Mineral Water Jug


I have this 5 gallon Colfax Mineral Water jug and am curious about the value.  It has a chip and roughness on the spout.  Also, has a small discolored crack on one side of the advertisement.  I am thinking of selling it and have been told that is collectable.

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Brenda, these Red Wing Colfax advertising beehives in mint condition have value in the area of $850 to $900 today.   With the chip in the spout and the crack on the size amount the other flaws, the value would be in the area of $200 to $300.  Al

Minnesota Stoneware Jug markings

Question: Hi Al,

Was wondering about a ½ gallon white Minnesota Stoneware jug that I  just picked up. On the bottom it has the following markings inscribed (not raised): 

MINNESOTA STONEWARE CO but no Redwing Minnesota. Looking through the book that I have, It looked as though all the markings shown had Redwing Minnesota (or some variation) on them. Is it unusual to find jugs without the Redwing Minnesota on them? If so, does it make them worth more? If so, by how much?

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Answer: Darell, there are a number of different markings on the smaller pieces made by both Red Wing and the Minnesota Stoneware Company that may or may not be in the books.  The markings on the bottom of a piece does not raise the value.  Values are raised due any advertisiing or decorations on the piece.  Hope this helps. al

Albany Slip Jug

Hi, my boyfriend dug this up on a job site in ST Paul today along wth some other pieces dated in 1870’s. (Budweiser bottles and Schmidt) we are wondering about this piece of pottery also. It is 9inches tall, 24inches diameter, dark brown wth a nice gloss.
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Stoneware Lid

How would one determine origin/value for a lid for a crock if no marks? Bought it with a RW jar but it does not fit the jar.
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Stoneware Mason Fruit Jar

I recently had a friend tell me this jug could be worth quite a bit. It stands 10 1/2 " tall and 7 1/4" bottom diameter. Bottom says PAT JAN 24, 1899. Lid is Ball metal lid with rubber seal. Your thoughts? I believe print is dark blue not black.
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2 gallon salt glaze crock

Hi! Found this crock at a thrift store and got it for really cheap. I believe it could be Red Wing, but the 2 gallon marking is slightly different than those I have seen in the past. It has the blue 2 with 2 slash marks underneath. It looks salt glazed and has a brown interior… Is this considered a salt glaze or an albany slip type crock? And its value would also be much appreciated! Thank you so much for your help!!! Kayle
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