3 gallon Red Wing Union Stoneware crock with carved wing

Question: We found a 3 gallon redwing union stoneware peice in our barn today. we were curious as, in addition to the 4 1/2″ redwing logo along with the blue #3 and redwing stoneware oval, there is a redwing shape worked/carved into the side of the peice. We were wondering if this is of any significance?

Thanks for your input.

J. Kelly

Answer: Kelly, I have never seen this before.  However, it looks like the potter may have used the stamp on the side of this crock when the clay was extremely moist.   Very unique.  I would think the value could be a bit higher on this piece.  Maybe even up to $200.  Al

4 gallon Salt Glaze S/A Mark Jug

Question: I’ve been collecting Red Wing Stoneware for about 20 years and I came across an unmarked salt glaze beehive piece that has a very odd design that I’ve not seen before.   Attached are pictures of the jug.   Thank you for your help.Keith

Answer: Nice Beehive.  The S/A mark as been debated for years as whether it is Red Wing or another pottery produced it.  Your jug does look like a Red Wing beehive.  Either way, there are a number of S/A collectors in the Society that would love this jug.  Also, being a 4 gallon jug makes it a tough find.  With the chip in the spout and the side of the jug, I think, it could still fetch $2000 to $2500 to the right collectors. al

3 gallon salt glaze front stamped and hex bung cooler

Question: I have had this for years and am selling it do you know what it is worth, approximatelly. has some cracks but all there and displays good

thank you for your time


Answer: all depends on where the cracks are? how large?  how many?  with all the cracks and some  in the front, I would think $3000 to $3500 or so in todays markets.  Al

8 gallon birch leaf Minnesota Stoneware crock

Question: We recently purchased this crock and we were hoping to get some further information.  The description showed Union Stoneware/Redwing but there is no marking other than the 8 and the two leaves.  Any idea on the details of what this actually is? 

Laura and Andy.

Answer: This 8 gallon birch leaf crock was produced by the Minnesota Stoneware Company between 1895 & 1906.  Value is between $70 & $100.  Al

30 gallon Ice Water straight side with blue bands

Question: Is this a Red Wing crock or water cooler?

Answer:  The only thing I can tell you in regards to this 30 gallon Ice Water is that it is not Red Wing.  After that, I just have no idea of maker or history.  Al

30 gallon Birch Leave Crock and lid.

Question: The two photos are of a crock we found.  We are not sure if the lid is original to the crock and what the value may be if mint. Thank you, Laura and Andy

Answer: Laura and Andy, the lid on this 30 gallon crock is Red Wing.  If lid were mint the value is $300. If the crock were mint $250 to $300.  al

6 gallon elephant ear Ice Water

Question: Hi – I was lucky enough to recently purchase this 6 gallon Ice Water, it is in excellent condition with no chips or cracks.  The lack of an oval and presence of a bung hole make it somewhat different from the other elephant ears that are pictured in the Red Wing Stoneware Encyclopedia.  Where in the timeline does that put this?  Could you give an estimate value?  Thanks a bunch! John Throop

Answer: this is a really gorgeous Ice Water, but the values today are very soft. The book value on this piece is $5000 to $7000 but selling price may only be $3000. High and pieces like this are not catching top value as in the past because of the market conditions and the economy. Al

Red Wing Success Filter


Hi, we have this coming up in an auction January 12th and people have been telling us we have something pretty rare as far as being complete and in good condition. Could you give us an idea of approximate value?

Thanks, Mac

Answer: the Red Wing Success Filter does not have the correct lid.  It has the correct star around the button, but there needs to be two blue lines going around the lid.  This lid is a North Star crock lid and not the orginal Success Filter lid.  If all the pieces are in perfect condition the value is between $450 & $500.  Al


WM Radams Microbe Killer jug


I have a stone Jug that I found while hunting for antique bottles around1984.  It has embossed on the shoulders “Wm  RADAMS MICROBE KILLER” On the bottom it says ” Red Wing Stone Ware Co. At that time I found it I was aware of antique bottle that is quite valuable to bottle collectors. it has the same company name and a skeleton embossed on it. I also read some information on the company. It indicated that this company was only in existence for a short period of time as the particular medicine was some type of acid mixed with alcohol that killed more people then it cured.

I am trying to establish the value of the jugs, Years ago I saw another jug with the same company name on it but it was different in structure. Paul

Answer: Paul, the “Wm  RADAMS MICROBE KILLER” bottom signed jug has a value between $300 & $350.  al

5 gallon 6 inch Beehive Jug and Dairy Jug


I think you talked about this white top dairy jug in your lattest news letter. Wondering what it might be worth. 

Also, I just purchased this 5 gallon behive, 6 inch wing, with no oval and is in exellent condition. Do you know the timeframe of when it was made, it’s rarity and worth? Thanks Dale.


Dale, , the 5 gallon Red Wing Beehive with the 6 inch wing was produced between 1909 & 1915. Value in perfect condition is between $350 & $400.  The dairy jug is quite common and has a value between $150 & $200.  al