20 gallon Red Wing salt glazed butterfly crock


The crock is  23“ tall and has a diameter of 17“.

The crock doesn’t have any damage or chips or stains and is dark brown on the inside.

What might have this crock held?  I assume it had a lid and what material would have the lid have been? How would the lid have been secured for shipment?   found the crock in Kansas during my college days, so these must have gone throughout the US?

The real question is, how has something that is pottery, and certainly very heavy, survived since the 1800s?

Amazing, James


You have a very nice Red Wing salt glazed butterfly crock!!  The crock had a stoneware lid.  The lids are quite rare.  Red Wing stoneware was noted nationally for its high quality in the 1880’s and into the early 1900’s.  These crocks were probably shipped in railroad box cars with straw as the material used to cushion them from one another.  In the days before refrigeration many food items such as meat and eggs were stored and preserved in these crocks.

In perfect condition and unsigned, the salt glazed Butterfly crock has a value today around $1500.  AL

3 gallon Red Wing Hand Turned Water Cooler

Question: Is this water cooler worth anything? I pulled it out of the dumpster. Larry


A three gallon Red Wing hand turned water cooler would sell for approximately $700 to $800 in today’s market and without a lid.  The lid would add another $300 to $400.

2 gallon jugs, 30 salt glaze crock


I am wondering what the value is of the crock and the 2 jugs.  I was told the 20 gallon crock was made by redwing but I have never seen this crock.  Who is it made by?   It has a brown interior and the one flaw is a very large v-shaped crack that goes all the way through in the side.  The 2 jugs have no chips or cracks but I would like to know who made the brown topped jug.  Obviously, the 4 gallon crock is made by red wing but I have never seen these without a handle.  This one does not have a handle, what can you tell me about this type of jug? Thank, Patty


The one gallon advertising jug was made by Red Wing and in good condition would have a value between $150 to $175. 

The 4 gallon Red Wing jug should have a handle.  It is possible the handle broke off and someone had it repaired without the handle.  Look closely to see if the gray color around where the handle should be matches the gray color of the body of the jug.   If the jug was made without a handle, it would certainly be an oddity.  It would have minimal value if it was repaired, but could have value around $200 if it were an oddity made at the factory.

The salt glazed crock does not appear to be Red Wing.  With the damage the value of this crock would be $100 to $150.

5 gallon Salt Glaze jug


In the attached photos is a jug my grandfather obtained in south western Wisconsin in the 1950s.  There is a stamped letter “D” below the handle. Any information you care to share would be appreciated.



The jug is a fine example of a very old salt glazed beehive jug.  There is not much cobalt decoration which collectors desire.  It could be Red Wing, but the letter D stamped below the handle is not something Red Wing did.  In today’s market I would put the value at $500 to $550.  The jug was probably made somewhere in the midwest. Jeff

3 gallon Red Wing Crock


We found a Red Wing Union Stoneware Crock while cleaning out a garage.  It has the company name in blue lettering with a big number 3, a red wing and other smaller blue lettering on the front.  It is approximately 14 inches high and 32 inches around at the widest point.  I am going to attempt to email you the picture I have taken and would like to know if it has any antique value?  Caryl


A 3 gallon Red Wing crock in good condition would sell for $75-$95.

Red Wing Petal Lid


I have a red wing petal lid, 10 3/4″, #3, no cracks, no chips, excellent condition, that I want to know the value as I intend to sell it. Thanks

Answer: To get $100 for this lid, it will need to be cleaned.  The way it looks now, $50 – Al

6 gallon reverse birch leaf crock



I was just curious what this 6 gallon birch leaf with a reverse oval is worth? It doesn’t have any chips or cracks.

Thanks, Brett


With the ecomony being what it is today, the value is between $300 &

$350 with lid.  al.

5 gallon jug with a 6″ Red Wing


Al for a value.  5g jug with what looks like a 6” wing.  Small chip on back side bottom edge.   Couple of pictures attached.

Answer: this Red Wing 5 gallon Transion shouldr jug with the 6 inch wing has a value between $150 & $175.  If it had an oval the value would be higher.  al

5 gallon salt glazed churn, possible Western Crock


My sister in law asked me to email you and get some information about theses crocks from the Hallstrom greenhouse salt glaze collection.


This 5 gallon salt glazed churn is what is called a lazy 8 target design.  The  three small ribs in the lazy 8 is ussually seen on Western Stoneware pieces, but I have seen a 4 gallon crock (only one) with this design stamped Red Wing.

I myself would not purchase these pieces unless they are signed because of this.  However, it is a sharp piece of salt glaze and therefore salt glaze collectors look at the beauty of the piece regardless of who may have produced it.

Produce in the mid to late 1800’s. Because it very well could be western, I have no idea of value. My opinion only.   al

6 gallon salt glazed with a bird


I was wondering if you could give me some info. and value on this crock. its a 6 gal. salt glazed with a bird, one VERY small 2 inch hairline crack on one side that doesn’t go all the through other than that it’s perfect. It has been in my family for years and some people think it’s a Red Wing.  has no marking on it.  Thanks any any help you can give Chris


this is a tough one.  I (personally) think this piece is not Red Wing, but Ohio. I may be wrong on this one, but it is a piece that one would really need to see it in person to make a better call.  I question the markings ex: the number 6, the cobalt lines under the 6, how the lazy 8 is drawn, the little brown spec’s in the clay and the cut line which goes through the number 6.  These small details look Ohio to me.

 Still a nice piece.  Would guess, (just a guess) that the value would be $2500 to $3000.   Again a piece that would need to be seen in person and by more than one strong collector.   al