Red Wing Stoneware 1 gallon crock with the Hendricks Minnesota advertising



Hello from the sunny plains of South Dakota; Would you be so kind as to tell us whether you believe this crock is Redwing or not?  Sorry it’s not clean.

The crock measures appx. 8″ high.  Also, the value??

Thank you kindly for all of your historic work!



Stacy, this Red Wing Stoneware 1 gallon crock with the Hendricks Minnesota advertising would have a value between $800 & $1000.  Very nice piece.  Al Kohlman

Red Wing Stoneware 1 gallon Blue Banded jug


I have this blue banded, what I think  is one gallon. It is 11” tall, 2″ mouth, 7″ bottom. The markings are

RED WING (under Red Wing) STONEWARE and what looks like C o. I would like to know what I can find out about it and value? Thanks in advance. Rodney


You have the Red Wing Stoneware 1 gallon Blue Banded jug.  These jugs were produced by the Red Wing and Minnesota Stoneware Companys. Value is between $350 & $450 in perfect condition with the bottom signature.  Al Kohlman

Collection of stoneware crocks and bean pots


My 53 year old wife remembers her grandmother making pickles in the 8 & 30 gal Red Wing crocks (in the attached pictures) as a young child.  There doesn’t appear to be any chips or cracks in any of the pieces and the handles also appear in good shape.  We are almost sure that the 2 gal crock with the brown glaze interior is a Red Wing and we believe that the small crocks with covers and the (1-2 quarts) tri-side jug with screw top may also be from Red Wing.  Would you please let us know if these are also Red Wings?  We would also appreciate any comments concerning the pieces and an estimated values. 

Thank you,

Gregg & Amy


First of all, all of your pieces look to be Red Wing.  Now, estimate values

Unsigned Red Wing bean pot  $20
30 gallon Red Wing crock with 6 inch wing, mint $300
Red Wing Albany slip foot warmer, unsigned. $50 to $75
8 gallon Red Wing crock with 4 1/2 inch wing $125 to $150
2 gallon Red wing crock, $50 to $70
Red Wing salt glaze double P crock $125 

Hope this is what you were looking for.  Al Kohlman

Red Wing Gray-line casserole

Question: Hello and Good Evening,
I’m just now learning about this beautiful pottery and seeing all the pieces people write to you about.  So I need your expert opinion if you don’t mind……..
I bought this beautiful piece at a garage sale sitting by it’s lonesome for $2.00.  All other items the lady was selling were Christmas items way overpriced.  I saw this crock and loved it……..I asked her “How much please?” and her response was “$3.00” So obviously I got her down to $2.00
The item is in MINT condition…….Clean with no chips or cracks.  I don’t think it’s ever been used.
Would you be able to put a value on this for me?  Would be greatly appreciated…..Hoping I found a treasure…….
Thank you and make today a good day!
Irvine, CA.

Answer: In mint condition with the lid, this Red Wing Gray-line casserole has a value between $275 & $300.  A great find!    al

5 gallon Birch Leaf Crock sign MSW


Hi Experts…. I found a crock and with the  lid
Two Leaves (Birch)
and the Initials MSW

Any Value?

This crock is not in mint condition. It has some issues ….their is some soiling and a  chip on the side of crock.

The Blue markings are strong and not faded.

The lid is in good shape.

Some black tar also on it.  I attached some pictures for you to look at.  I have not tried to clean it at all.   Maybe you have some suggestions for cleaning it.   Soap Kind? 

Thanks for any kind of info you can supply me.   Donna  


This crock is very difficult to find with the signature.  Estimated value is $1800 to $2000. Jeff

4 gallon red wing butter churn


I have a 4 gallon redwing butterchurn.  It has the four at the top and then elephant ears and then has union stoneware Co redwing Minn in the oval at the bottom.  This is all in black.  The piece is in mint condition.   Just wondering what the value of this would be.  Thanks.


If your 4 gallon Red Wing Elephant ear churn is really sharp, the value is between $400 & $500.  Again sharp, with fully printed ears and nice dark and clear marking.  Al Kohlman

Red Wing Imperial Canadian jug with advertising


JUG  size38 1/2 round,19 high, 13 3/4 bottom to shoulder, Word Imperial in box on shoulder  # 5 under neath

western commercial co. ltd.,
wholesale liqours
Calgary Edmonton
Moose Jaw  Saskatoon

red wing is 3 1/2 long / 2  wide

could you please  tell me about age & price

Thank you



Stacy, this Red Wing Imperial Canadian jug with advertising and wing was producted between 1918 & 1930.  With the light red wing, Imperial stamp and number 5, I would value the piece between $750 & $900 if the jug is in perfect condition.   Al Kohlman

4 gallon lazy 8 salt glazed churn


We recently purchased a 4 gallon salt glaze churn with what we thought might be a “lazy 8” and were wondering if it is Red Wing, and if so – the approximate value.  I’ve attached 5 pictures showing the detail.  Any assistance you can provide would be greatly appreciated!Thank you,



Jon, your 4 gallon lazy 8 salt glazed churn is Red Wing.  Because the decoration is quite common, it does not carry the value of the leaves or rib cages, but still a nice piece.  In perfect condition the value is $250 to $300.  Al Kohlman

5 gallon Red Wing beehive with upside down oval


Could you please give me an idea as to the value of this jug?  It is a 5 gallon beehive with black number and oval and the oval is upside down.  The jug is in very good condition.  Thank you. Monica


The value on this Red Wing 5 gallon beehive with 6 inch wing, black ink and upside down oval is $450 to &500.   Hope this helps.   Al