Red Wing front stamped 20 gallon salt glazed crock with a single P with ribs decoration




The attached pictures are of a Red Wing 20 gallon crock that my dad had.  It is not in perfect shape.  As you can tell, it has two cracks on the front, left side.  The two cracks intersect each other.  Then, on the back is another crack from the top to about 3/4 of the way down.  My dad put a wire around the top  to make sure it stayed together, but I am not sure if it is needed.  


My guess is that this is a rare crock, but in its condition, the value is likely decreased.    I need to know if anyone that collects crocks would be interested, or should I just go ahead and use it on my patio for a plant holder?  What would it be worth?


Thanks so much for your review of this crock.  Please don’t hesitate to contact me if I can provide any further information or pictures.




Paula, your father has a Red Wing front stamped 20 gallon salt glazed crock with a single P with ribs decoration.   If it were in perfect condition, the value would be between $1500 & $2000 to the right collector.  However, the damage on this crock is quite severe.  In today’s market, I would place the value between $300 & $500.  That crack in the back is what really lowered it’s value.

Being in KS, shipping would be expensive and with the damage, I could see your father’s crock in pieces by the time it arrived in the upper Midwest. Now if you were going to the Red Wing Convention in Red Wing, MN. next week, then I think you would be able to find a collector for the value I have given you.  Otherwise, it would make a gorgeous planter.   Hope this helps.  Al Kohlman

50 gallon crock


Hi there.  My dad has a 50 gallon Red Wing Crock with lid and spigot.  The lid is damaged on the rim and has had a crack repaired.  The crock is in very good shape.  He is interested in selling the piece, but has no idea what it’s value is or what the appropriate venue is.  Can you please help? I have attached a pic for you.




Tamara, if your dad’s Red Wing 50 gallon crock is in perfect condition, the value is between $1700 & $2000.  The lid with the damage is maybe $200 to $300.   

Value will depend on where you live, a collector that is looking for one and how far they would need to go to pick it up.   The closer to Minnesota, the better luck you will have.  You may have to come down in price if you are in an area with few collectors, so leave your options open.   These silo’s are just to expensive to ship.   Good luck, it is a nice looking 50.   Al Kohlman

Red Wing “triple” Rib Cage 20 gallon Salt Glazed crock


I recently purchased a Red Wing 20 gallon crock at an auction.  The only defect I saw on the item was a “Y” shaped crack above the #2.  There are no chips and the glazing is clear as well.  I’ve seen the picture of it in the Red Wing hardcover book and the book showed the value at $1100-1500.  How much is it worth with the crack and is it repairable?  Also, is it called a rib design?

Thank you for your time.


You do indeed have a Red Wing “triple” Rib Cage 20 gallon Salt Glazed crock.  If it were in perfect condition the value would be closer to $2500 to $3000.  With the Y shape spider crack the value would be in the range of $1000.  Nice piece.   Al Kohlman

Collection of stoneware


Wondering what each crock might be worth? I think some of them are different then the regular Red Wing brand, but I’m not 100% sure. Let me know if you need more information. There are two pictures of each one (6 altogether).Thank you!



Tasha, your values are as follows:

4 gal Red Wing crock  $60 to $80

2 gal Red Wing birch leaf crock $40 to $50 due to weak decorations

8 gal Red Wing small wing  $90 to $100  due to small red wing

Western Crock with flower, no idea due to not being Red Wing

15 gal Red Wing $150 to $175

8 gal Red Wing with large wing  $130 to $150

Values are base on each piece being in perfect condition.  If there is a hairline crack, the value will drop below half of what is listed.  Al Kohlman

2, 3, 4, and 5 Red Wing Churns, and one birch leaf



I recently acquired these four Redwing churns and was curious as to their vintage and value.  The churns are in very good condition, but I’m not sure the lids are all original to the churns.

I also have a 2 gallon Redwing churn with birch leaves and elephant ear handles that I’m not sure of the age or value (great condition, no lid however). 

Thanks! Scott


Scott, all of your churns have the correct Red Wing lids and they were produced anywhere from 1915 to 1930.  The 2 gallon has the greatest value at around $300 with lid.  The 3, 4, & 5 with lids would be between $200 & $250.

A 2 gallon Birch leaf churn with molded handles was produced between 1895 & 1909.  Value without the lid is between $175 & $200.  Al Kohlman

Red Wing 4 gallon beehive jug and 6 gallon salt glazed crock with the lazy 8 decoration


Red Wing Collector Society,

Attached are a few pictures of our crock collection. Please provide a rough idea of the value. The Red Wing 4 gallon jug is in perfect condition with no cracks or chips. I believe the 4 gal size is most rare. Thanks for all your advice and for providing a great service to us novice in the crock world.



Tom, the only two pieces of stoneware that I can help you with are the Red Wing 4 gallon beehive jug and 6 gallon salt glazed crock with the lazy 8 decoration. The other pieces are not Red Wing or not decorated.

 The 4 gallon winged beehive in prefect condition is valued today around $800.  They use to be $1000.

The 6 gallon Red Wing salt glazed crock with lazy 8 in perfect condition is between $250 & $300.  Al Kohlman

5 gallon Red Wing churn has a hairline


I wondered if you could tell me the value of the Red Wing 5 gallon butter churn, pictures attached. We are having an estate sale next weekend and are trying to determine a value on this piece. It does not have a lid. 

Thank you so much for your help!


Best regards, 






Anna, it looks like you 5 gallon Red Wing churn has a hairline at the bottom edge. If this is the case the value will be between $75 & $90. If it is perfect and I am seeing something that is not there, the value would be around $150 to $175. Al Kohlman

Minnesota Stoneware company 4 gallon birch leaf churn


I was wondering if you know any information about this piece as well as the value of the butter churn? It is missing the lid, but other than that it is all intact. There are no chips, cracks, or crazing. There might be a slight imperfection with the glaze in one spot (spot is not covered as well as other areas of the churn). Thanks for your help!

Allison N


Allison, you have a Minnesota Stoneware company 4 gallon birch leaf churn that was produced between 1895 & 1906.  With on lid and weak decorations the value is around $100.  Al Kohlman

3 gallon salt glazed crocks


Hi, I just purchased this nice 3 gallon salt glazed crock and dont know for sure if it is Redwing.There are no marks on the bottom, which is not glazed. It is in excellent shape with no cracks or chips Could you tell me an approximate value. Thanks


Andy, from you one photo, your 3 gallon salt glazed crocks looks to be Red Wing.  Value in perfect condition is between $125 & $140.  Al Kohlman

Red Wing 10 inch spongeware bowl


I bought this bowl at an auction 20+ years ago. I don’t see any markings on the bottom, so I have always wondered whether it was Red Wing.


The bowl is 5 1/2″ deep and 10″ in diameter with paneled sides. The sponging is blue and pink, which seems unusual (and the reason I questioned if it was made by RW).


The bowl is in good condition for its age. No cracks, but there are a few small chips on the bottom rim and what appears to be a factory flaw (see picture). 


I would appreciate any information you could provide including whether it is Red Wing, when it would have been made, and the current value.


Thank you very much.



Thank you so much for your help identifying my bowl. I am pleased to learn it was made by Red Wing, the approximate years it would have been made, and a current market value. 


I think I only paid $10-15 when I got it, so despite the economy, sounds like I made a good deal. No plans to sell the bowl anytime soon, but it is nice to know more about it.


I very much appreciate your time and effort. This is a wonderful service provided by your Society! 





Gloria, though your picture did not come through, I have enough information to help you out.   Our spongeware 10″ bowl is Red Wing.  They came in 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, & 11 inch sizes and were produced in the 1920’s & 30’s.  If the small chips are factory that are on the bottom of the bowl, the value is around $100.  If the chips are not factory, the value will drop to around $40.  Hope this helps.  Al Kohlman