5 gallon St. Paul Book and Stationary Cooler, dome top salt glaze, and sponge band bowl.



I was curious of the value of these three pieces

5 Gallon Advertising St Paul book and Stationary Water cool, has one small crows foot in the back otherwise is fine. The lid had a few cracks

Red wing Dome top salt glaze with one chip

A spongeband bowl, does have a few cracks inside the bottom but the lid is perfect

Thanks again! Brett


Brett, cracks in stoneware today is just killing the values.  Collector are being extremely picky when it comes to pieces for their personal collection.  Your advertising water cooler with small spider in the cooler and damaged lid would have a value in the area of $300 to $500.

Your salt glazed Dome top jug with the chip would have a value between $75 & $100 depending on the size of the chip.

An your gray line casserole with mint lid but cracked bottom $100 to $125 for the lid & $30 for the bottom.  I know this is not what you wanted to hear, but in today’s market, it is a tough sell on pieces that have damage.  Al Kohlman

Stoneware Canteen


Not sure if this is a Red Wing piece or not.  Katie said to send to the experts to see.  I have attached a picture of it.  Thanks much.  Calli


Calli, from what I can see of your canteen, it looks to be Red Wing.  I have not seen this advertising before, but that does not mean it is not Red Wing.  The date on the bottom of the canteen fits the time frame as does the style of the handles and spout.  Would really need to see this in person to say for sure, but looks good in the photo.  Al Kohlman

15 gallon Red Wing back stamped salt glazed double leaf crock


Hello, I just saw the picture of a large crock with crack on this site.So I’m wondering if the 15 gallon salt glaze with impressed side mark and a nasty crack would be valued about the same.Its so heavy I can’t keep moving it and want to sell it. Thank you for your help in giving me a value to go by. Dot


Dot, your Red Wing back stamped salt glazed double leaf crock does have a nasty crack.   The crack is large and stained.  Also the decoration on the front is very weak and not fully complete.  Put all of this together and your crock would have a value between $100 & $175.   Al Kohlman

2 gallon elephant ear crock , Minnesota Stoneware Company



I recently found this 2 gallon crock. It’s in pretty good condition, no chips or cracks. Someone told me it was from Union Stoneware Co. In Red Wing, MN. Is this information correct? Any info you can share would be helpful.




Leann, your 2 gallon elephant ear crock was produced by the Minnesota Stoneware Company in Red Wing, MN between 1895 & 1906.   The reason for no oval is that it was made for the Sears & Roebuck Company.  Sears & Roebuck order these crocks with no ovals (not sure why, but many believe that they wanted there buyers to think that Sears and Roebuck made them).  Value if in perfect condition is between $70 & $90.  Al Kohlman

25 gallon Red Wing crock




The attached 4part pdf contains photos of a 25 gallon crock.  It’s in excellent condition, no cracks or chips.  Can you tell me what the value is?

Thank you in advance for sharing your knowledge! :)

All the Best, K



Kay, your 25 gallon Red Wing crock should have value between $275 & $300.  Yours in quite nice, so I would hold to the higher value.  Al Kohlman

1 gallon with the small red wing


I am wondering if this one gallon is of any value?

Lid? Are the other’s value  pretty much $10 per gallon? thanks! -Marilyn


Your 1 gallon with the small red wing looks like it has a chip on the lip.  If I am mistaken and the piece is mint, the value is around $200.  If it does indeed have a chip, $100.  A one gallon Red Wing lid in perfect condition has a value around $75 to $90.  Also, a $10 per gallon may work on crocks from $15 gallons through 30, but all others depend on condition and decoration.  Al Kohlman

2 gallon Red Wing churn, lid with cracks


Good morning,

    I am sending some pictures of the items I wrote about. I hope you will get them. Can you tell me more about this piece and its value



David, I see by the photo that your 2 gallon Red Wing churn as a couple of cracks in the lid.  If the churn is perfect and with the lid and dasher, the value is right around $200.  Al Kohlman

Red Wing Purex jug


thank you for your e-mail. I’m sending you a picture of my jug. I hope to hear from you soon. My jug is in close mint condition, no chips, great color etc. It should be about 1936 as they were still in Los Angeles. 1001 E. 162nd. ___not South Gate Ca.

Thanking you



Fern, your Red Wing Purex jug has a value in the range of $300 in perfect condition.  Al Kohlman

3 gallon Red Wing crock

Question:What is the value on this piece?


Value on your Red Wing 3 gallon crock is $75 ot $90  Al Kohlman

4 gallon salt glazed threshing jug


I just signed up today to become a member and am not sure if this is how I am supposed to ask for help, but here goes.  I have a piece of pottery my great grandpa had. I was wondering if you could tell me if it is a Redwing piece, what it was used for, and a value. Thanks Thomas

The size is approximately 16 inches tall, by 12 inches long.  They only damage I saw was a chip at the bottom front.  I couldn’t really find and good examples of this being a Redwing piece. The hex bolt also confuses me as it only has 4 screw molds insted of 6. Hope you can help.


Your 4 gallon salt glazed threshing jug is not Red Wing.  I am quite sure it is from Ohio due to the spec’s in the glaze, design and cut rings around the top of the jug.   It is a beautiful jug that was produced before 1900.    Even though it is not Red Wing, it would still have a nice value.  Not being Red Wing, I could not appraise it, but would think anything over a $1000 wouldn’t surprise me.   Al Kohlman