Minnesota Stoneware Company Albany slip jug which is bottom stamped


Here is a better picture of the “Minnesota Stone Ware Co. Redwing” that is in raised writing, and of the same whitish clay material the bottom is made out of, on the bottom of the jug.  The piece is small and adorable, I don’t care much if at all about the value, I do care about the date it was made:)  I have other pottery also found at the same old farm and much of it is not marked, so a date is simply a starting point for other finds.  The farm was homesteaded in 1880’s, based on the 100 year anniversary sign from the state fair that is there.  I am pretty sure that nobody ever threw anything away since the 1880’s based on what is there also!  It’s been an antique lovers dream come true in one big mess, a labor of love for say.  



Brenda, your Minnesota Stoneware Company Albany slip jug which is bottom stamped was produced between 1883 & 1894.  The Minnesota Stoneware Company was in existance from 1883 to 1894 when they merged with the Red Wing Stoneware Company and became the Union Stoneware Company.  Al Kohlman

3 Mason Fruit Jars and 4 gallon and 5 gallon water coolers





I purchased the 3 Mason Fruit Jars at a market this past weekend.

Could you help me determine the true value of these?

All three are in super condition, very clean on the inside. No hairline cracks. No chipping at all on the opening. Quart, 2 quart and gallon size. If you could also help me with the water coolers too that would be great. 4 gallon and 5 gallon. Also very clean, no cracks of any kind. 


Thank you so much 



Barb, both your 4 & 5 gallon Red Wing water coolers would have a value in the area of $600 each (which includes the lids & spigots) if in perfect condition.  Your Red Wing Stone Mason jars are as follows.  1/2 & quart $225 each.  The one gallon Mason jar has a value between $700 to $850.   Al Kohlman



This is obviously a Chicken Water-er but I am not sure why the BLUE OVAL STAMP READS:

CAJON OR BARON? (cant really make it out) STONEWARE COMPANY along with the normal RED WING/ RED WING, MINN wording on the blue stamp.


This measures 7 inches tall and around 5 1/2 to 6 inches across the top or the openeing feeding area.


It also reads PATENED APRIL 7 1885 over the opening and UNION STONEWARE CO RED WING MINN on the bottom or back.


 I also would like to know its value and offical name of this water-er.


Any info on this item would be very appreciated. I thank you in advance and hope to hear from you soon.


Kind Regards,



David, you have the early Red Wing “Eureka” chicken drinking fountains.  They came in 1/2, 1 & 2 gallon sizes and were produce somewhat in the area of 1900 or so. The Red Wing oval reads ‘Red Wing    Union Stoneware CO   Red Wing, Minn”   Value for your Eureka fountain in perfect condition is between $100 & $125.   Al Kohlman

2 gallon salt glaze bottom marked


A 2 GAL, salg glaze crock NO MAJOR damage. I am looking for a value estimate on them… round about estimate

thank you very much


With the weak decoration and spider crack in the front the value would be in the area of $75. Al

5 gallon Red Wing locking lid jar with the Albany top



  I have a 5 gallon Red Wing locking lid jar. It is complete and in absolute perfect mint condition. The main jar body, from the bottom up, is about 3/4 white/cream and 1/4 dark brown up to the rounded shoulder and all dark brown from the shoulder to the top of the lid. The original handle and locking mechanism are complete, with very light surface rust. Markings on the jar are a cobalt 5 and the red wing oval below that. There is NO wing on the jar. The markings are dark and crisp with no smearing or light spots. What is the approximate date of this jar and a price range for it? I do not have a photo. This jar does not have a regular shoulder like a shoulder jug, this shoulder is smooth and rounded.Thanks in advance for any info you can give me.



Dan, your Red Wing packing jar with the Albany top and just the number 5 & Red Wing oval does not carry as high of a value as those packing jars which are all white and carry the gallon-age, red wing & oval.  Your packing jar in perfect condition has a value between $150 & $175.  Al Kohlman

Mercury jugs



 The first pic is a rectangular cone top like the one I sent before but it is smaller 3 1/4 inches high.


The next one is a little different and I am wondering if that is Red Wing?


The third picture is 2 more like the ones I sent before but I did not realize I had 2 different sizes.  One is  4 inches high by 1 1/4 inch in diameter and the others are 4 1/2 by 1 5/8.  Is the value the same for both?


I would like to get a value on these please.






George, your first photo with the two Mercury  jugs with the * in the oval are Red Wing.  The value on these is between $200 & $225.  The Mercury jug in the middle, I have never seen before and could be a reproduction, from another pottery or a Red Wing Mercury jug that has never been seen before (but don’t think so).  So no value or history on this one.  The last Red Wing Mercury jug as a value between $150 & $200.   Al Kohlman

4 gallon Hand Turned Red Wing water cooler



Dear Expert,

I recently picked up a 4 gallon Water Cooler, with spigot but no lid.

It is in very good condition no chips or cracks.

I was wondering what the value is?

It doesn’t have any handles on the sides, does this make it any older/rarer?





Mike, you have a hand turned Red Wing water cooler.  This is the earliest zinc glazed water cooler produced by Red Wing and the most desired.  If in perfect condition, the value on your cooler is between $400 to $500 as it sits.   It will require a Red Wing button water cooler lid.  Al Kohlman

15 gallon side stamped Red Wing butter


This crock is almost perfect. One small chip on one handle. Side stamped with bright blue butterfly. What is the value?

Are there different stamps that were used or just one. Do they affect value? Also it has a couple spots of blue under the glaze away from the butterfly. Does that hurt the value?
Thank you Brad


Brad, these Red Wing butter flies used to be higher, but have come down in value as has everything else in this economy. Value on your 15 gallon side stamped Red Wing butter fly is around $2000. 

I have only seen the Red Wing Stoneware stamp on the butterfly, but there could be a Minnesota Stoneware Company stamp as well as these potters moved around. The only thing that will affect the price of butterfly you have is either stamped or not stamped. The couple of blue marks under the butterfly will not hurt it’s value.  al

  Al Kohlman

10 gallon Lazy 8 target crock,


Hello Al
I picked up a 10 Gallon Crock and would like to know when it was made and what the markings are and value.  I am including pictures of it.  No cracks although it does have a small chip on the handle, which I also am sending a picture of that. I do know that it is a salt glaze and has a dark brown glaze on the inside.  Any help identifying this would be greatly appreciated.


Mike, your 10 gallon salt glazed crock was produced between 1867 & 1895.  The decoration is called lazy 8 target which is the most common decoration. Also, a number of other potteries used this decoration.  From what I can see on your 10 gallon Lazy 8 target crock, it looks to be Red Wing.  Not being signed and in perfect condition, the value would be between $250 & $300.   Al Kohlman

8 gallon Red Wing crock with spigot


Hello, and sorry if I’m doing this the wrong way. 

My parents have a red wing crock, they gave me the task of finding out around how much it’s worth. 

I’m young, so I’m not sure what to do on your site, I suppose you need a membership for appraisals. 

However I was wondering if you knew someone who would know an estimated price for an: 8 Gallon Red Wing Stoneware Crock, with wire handles patented around 1918 or so, it also has a sort of fountain, or self drain tap looking thing sticking out of the bottom. It has a “Button” lid but it’s broken in half… 

Thank you for your time in reading this, and I’m sorry if you can’t help ^ ^  

 Hope to hear back from you either way. Take care. Nathan


Nathan, first of all, the lid on top of your 8 gallon Red Wing crock is not a Red Wing piece.  Also, the crack is quite severe, with this being said, there would be no value on that lid.  Your 8 gallon Red Wing crock was produced between 1915 & 1930.  Also, you should remove the spigot and see if that hole was drilled by someone or if it is original.  If it is original, the inside of the hole will be glazed over.  If not, you will see the unglazed clay and there may also be chips around the hole on the inside of the crock.   If the hole was drilled and not original, then the value will drop to at least half of what I estimate for you.  Value as I see your crock $100 to $125.  Al Kohlman