Red Wing Gray line pitcher with Advertising and mugs


I have a Red Wing Pitcher with mugs.  The pitcher is inscribed with the words “Inner City Fuel Company”.  My understanding is the set was a preminum for having you coal delivered in the summer before the winter rush.  What is the value of the set?


The Gray line pitcher if in perfect condition has a value around $350.  If the name of a town were on the advertising, the value would be greater. The mugs are not Gray Line and would not be the correct mugs to go with your Gray Line Advertising Pitcher.  Your mugs you have here in perfect condition have a value in the range of $40 each.  Al Kohlman

Red Wing 4 gallon water cooler, hand turned


As others who have asked for help, I am seeking information from the experts about this Redwing Water Cooler. It has a “4” stamped on inside bottom of crock so  I assume it means 4 gallons.

Other than a significant chip on lid, the set is in great condition. I assume this is original lid to this crock, a 4 is imprinted in the top of lid on “petal” along with a “W” on next petal. Same blue stripes match the crock.

As you can see on the back there is a black streak, it is in the glaze, a drip from a bubble(?) in the glaze.  So it is original mark not something that happened years later. Not sure if this is “points off” on value.

I am almost certain my great grandparents were original owners of this crock so it has huge sentimental value. Great Grandfather homesteaded in area of Billings, MT in 1881 before MT was a state, just a territory.  Of course we will treasure this no matter what antique or collector value may be. From what I can piece together it is a hand thrown piece? Unique in that way, but I’m having trouble understanding year(s) it was possibly made & would like to know value… So if a family member should break it, I’d know how long to morn! I have several antiques & love to learn the history & craftsmanship that goes into them.

Also I would really like an original (or replica) spigot so we can use this crock. I found one locally that may work but its black & therefore doesn’t look right. I would appreciate contact info to trustworthy resource for original spigot I heard is available at conventions, since I’m not able to be there in person.

I hope these pictures come through with email since I am sending this from my cellphone.
Thank you for your time & information. All is greatly appreciated!



Lynae, you are correct on your Red Wing water cooler being hand turned.  Your Red Wing 4 gallon water cooler was produced between 1909 & 1915.  The value on just your water cooler with the turkey dripping on the back is in the area of $400.  Now the lid is a Red Wing water cooler lid, however it has the bar handle (later version).  The correct lid  for your hand turned cooler would be the button lid.  A perfect button lid has a value between $700 & $800.  Your bar handle lid if it were in perfect condition would be $350.  However, with the chip, that value drops to around $100.  The correct spigot would be a push button “Central” spigot.  You can find them on eBay or at the Red Wing convention and they sell for around $50.   Hope all of this was helpful.  Al Kohlman

5 gallon Red Wing transition jug


What would the  value on this piece with ah …6-7 inch wing.



Chuck, your 5 gallon Red Wing transition jug with the 6 inch wing has a value around the area of $125 in perfect condition.  Al Kohlman

1 gallon Red Wing crock with the large 4 1/2 inch wing


I recently discovered this crockpot my father gave to me. I have no idea where he got it.
It is one gal. in size and has no markings of any kind that I can see other than the red wing as shown on the picture. It is in reasonably good condition with one or two chips on the out side. The outside is smooth with a lot of imperfections in actual material. The top edge is a darker brown colour the rest is a light tan colour. The lid is in excellant condition and has a round knob which is slightly rounded on top. The bottom is a light brown colour and is not glazed.
I would appreciate any info you can give me about this pot regards


Brad, your 1 gallon Red Wing crock with the large 4 1/2 inch wing was produced between 1909 & 1930.  The lid on your crock is not Red Wing and therefore I have no value on it.  With the few dings I can see on your crock (make sure there is not hairlines or cracks), the value is between $300 & $350.  One gallon Red Wing crocks with this large wing can be a tough fine.

  Al Kohlman

2 gallon large wing Red Wing Crock


Hi! can you tell me the value of my crock? They were my wife’s grandmother’s.  thank you!



John, the value on this Red Wing 2 gallon crock with 4 1/2″ wing is $55 to $65 in perfect condition.  Al Kohlman

5 gallon St. Paul Advertising Water Cooler, stoneware funnel and albany slip lid


The water cooler is in excellent-mint condition as is the stoneware funnel. The chocolate lid has a very small chip or two. I am going to look Al up at the Summer convention and thank him in person. THANKS.




Chuck, your Red Wing water cooler with the St. Paul’s advertising has a value in the area of $500 if in perfect condition.  If it had the Red Wing , the value would be greater.  The funnel & lid is not Red Wing and I just have no idea of maker or value.  Al Kohlman

Gazing Ball stand marked Red Wing Art Pottery


I have a gazing ball stand that is unglazed with damaged but marked Red Wing Art Pottery. I have only seen this piece is the Western collector book. Here are the photos of the peices and the page from the Western Book.

Red Wing Beater jar with beater


My brother found a Red Wing Beater Jar (white with blue writing and stripes) in excellent condition…it has no chips or cracks. It also has the green wooden handle egg beater that fits on top and all gears are working.

I would like to buy it from him and would like to know a fair price to offer him. 




Wendy, with the beater, that Red Wing beater jar would have a fair value of $80.  Al Kohlman

10 gallon salt glaze butter fly


I decided to buy a 10 gallon crock yesterday and found that the decoration is butterfly by checking your site. There don’t seem to be any marks on it, but it does have a pair of incised lines at the top and many on the inside. I have attached some pictures. It has one hairline crack in the bottom that extends to the side but not all the way up. Can you please tell me if this is indeed a Redwing crock and the approximate value?

I bought it because it was so pretty, but always like to know if I paid a fair, hopefully good, price. Looking forward to receiving the newsletter!



Tammy, your 10 gallon Butterfly is Red Wing.  With today’s economy and the crack, a value on your crock as I see it is between $300 & $350.   Also, you can use Lime-A-Way Gel Toilet Bowl cleaner to clean that lime off of the inside of your crock.  Put on a pair of vinyl gloves and get a green scratch pad and have at it.  It  will not hurt your crock.  Also, let the Lime-A-Way work for about 10 minutes on the lime before you begin scrubbing.  Al Kohlman

15 gallon Minnesota front stamped single leaf crock




One more crock to look st and provide us an estimated value.  we bought it at an auction in 2008.

It has a Minnesota Stoneware stamp as you can see.  The crock is in very good shape.


Thank you for your time.


Sue and Bill


Sue & Bill,  in today’s market, your mint 15 gallon Minnesota front stamped single leaf crock would have a value between $2000 & $2200.  Al Kohlman