Haarmann Jug

I am an avid collector of advertised red wing stoneware. I have my eye on a piece and wonder if it is Red Wing or not. This advertised piece is a tall 1 gal or little less jug. It doesn’t have a shoulder and is more like a beehive except it is taller and skinnier. The shape of the jug doesn’t come off as Red Wing, but the advertised stamp does. It is stamped with the shield design. It reads "Haarmann Pickle and Vinegar Co. Established 1897 Omaha, Neb." The shield and print is dark blue. There is a Haarmann’s Bros. bailed jug on redwing net under the advertising part of the gallery section with a outlined red shield. That piece is bottomed marked Red Wing and the shield is identical to the one I’m looking at except it is not red. Thus I know Haarmann’s did do business with Red Wing. In my research, whether this is true or not, it was noted in a Q&A part of a red wing website that Haarmann’s did business with other stoneware companies.

So my questions are as follows:
1. How do I know if this Haarmann’s is Red Wing? This will be the deciding factor on whether I buy the piece.

2. Is there any signs that it is or is not that I should be looking for?

3. If it is Red Wing, what is a fair price? I don’t mind spending some money, but on the other hand, they don’t need to get rich off me.

4. Sorry, I don’t have a pic.

Do you consider it inappropriate to walk into an antique mall and take a pic of an item that you are interested in just for the sake determining the maker? I think it is crossing the line, but with all the info. out there, we do live in a tech world. Etiquette?

Thanks for your help.
Dan, Red Wing Collector in Omaha.

Dan, without seeing a photo of this jug, it would not be fair to say it is Red Wing or not. The shape of the jug as described in your email has me concerned. So without the photo I am not comfortable in giving you advice on this piece. If I were you, I would take a digital camera to the mall and take a photo of this jug. I do this all the time in both malls and homes. Haarmann’s had a few pieces of Red Wing advertising on their molded bailed jugs that used the shield design. However, your description of the jug does not sound like a bailed jug. So grab your camera and shoot me a photo and I will be happy to try and help you out on this one. It sounds like a great piece of advertising so don’t let it just slip away without making every effort to identify it to make sure it is what you want. Al Kohlman

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Brown Jug

Hi, Is this jug a Redwing? Beehive? It measures aprox. 13 1/2\" high x 10\" across the bottom. No makers marks on the jug. As you can see it has a three on the front. Please id this jug and give aprox. value. It is in great condition. Thank you, Allen

Mark, the only photo I received of your jug was a left side view. In viewing this photo, the left side of the handle base in which it was applied looks to be Red Wing. I would be extremely helpful to know how the 3 was applied. Is the 3 stamped into jug or was it etched into the Albany slip by a sharp object such as a nail?

Knowing this would better identify the jug. Now as far as value. The most common of these Red Wing beehives is the 5, follow by the 4’s. I see very few 3’s. If your jug is Red Wing and in Mint condition, I would place the value between $300 & $500. If not Red Wing $50 to $100.

Hope this helps. Al Kohlman

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5 gallon Red Wing rib cage crock and leaf churn


Hi.  I recently acquired the 5 gallon back signed Red Wing Stoneware Company Churn.  There are two spots with flaking.  Inside the top rim and at the base near the signed portion of the churn.  The 5 gallon crock is not signed.  Neither the crock nor the churn have any hairline cracks.  Both are in fantastic condition for their age.  I was curious as to what the experts had to think about my red wing pieces including value of each.  I appreciate your help.  Thanks, Lanny


Lanny, the 5 gallon Red Wing rib cage crock, as a value around $250.  The signed Red Wing leaf churn in prefect condition today is between $3500 & $3800.  Al Kohlman