Red Wing Success Filter, top portion

Question: Hello,

We picked this fabulous piece up at an antique store in Tucson, Arizona, and are wondering what it’s worth.  We believe it is the middle piece of a 10-gallon hotel-sized Success Filter.  It has a 15″ diameter and stands almost 17″ tall.  It has no cracks or chips.  The instructions to clean the filter blocks on the back of the piece are very legible.  We think we found a real gem and hope you can confirm.

Many thanks,



Michael, you do indeed have a part of a Red Wing Success Filter.  It is the top.  A complete Success Filter will have a bottom, top & lid. Most of these Success filters you see are 4 gallons.  The tough part of this one is finding the matching bottom.   Value on just your top is $275 to $300.  When you have a completed Success Filter, they are quite impressive.  Nice find.  Al Kohlman

3 gallon Red Wing butter churn


Can you tell me how much this crock is valued at?

Thank you



Holly, if your 3 gallon Red Wing butter churn is in perfect condition, the value is between $150 & $175.   Al Kohlman

3 gallon salt glazed crock with a Lazy 8 target design



I have a 2 gal salt glazed crock that was my grandmothers, I’m sure it is from the red wing era.

Would like to find out what the design is on it, i think it is called a crazy 8 or something like it.

Could you help with the authenticity and some kind of value on it.

Many thanks,




Pete, you have a 3 gallon salt glazed crock with a Lazy 8 target design.  Value on these if in perfect condition is $125 to $140.  Al Kohlman

5 gallon Birch Leaf Churn produced by Fort Dodge for Red Wing


I am wondering if this is Red Wing?  If it is the value of it.  Does have a hair line crack and chips on the lid.  Three pictures are attached.  Thanks. Beth



Beth, it is a Fort Dodge piece which was produced by Red Wing.  With the hairline and chips on the lid, the value would be around $75 to $100.  Al Kohlman

2 gallon reverse Red Wing crock


I have this unusual piece of pottery, one with a black oval, and one that has the wing and oval inverted.  Attached are photo. What can you tell me about it. Jim



Jim, the first 2 gallon Red Wing crock is call the reverse oval.  Value on these in perfect condition is $75 to $90.  The other 2 gallon crock with large oval & in black ink has a value about the same as the reverse oval.  $75 to $90.  You just need to find that 2 gallon collector who is missing these pieces.  Al Kohlman

Red Wing 15 gal crock


Dear RedWing Collectors,

I would greatly appreciate if you could help me out as to the
antiqueness  of my 15gl crock. If you could help me with an estimate
of the value of my crock and lid as well.

Both the crock and lid  seem to be in very good condition.

Enclosed are 4 pictures of my crock and  lid.

Thank you for your time.



Answer: Josie, your Red Wing 15 gal crock in perfect condition has a value between $100 & $125.  The lid is not Red Wing  and therefore I have no information on its value.  Al Kohlman

Christmas Tree Stand green


Good morning

My wife and I where on a treasure hunt around 25 years ago when we found this in a basement crawl space. We have seen many with basic glaze and Red Wing markings but have not found one like this. It measures 8 1/2 inches tall and has a 10 inch diameter. I believe I had read years back that Red Wing experimented with green enamel. It does not have any markings on it. Could you please let us know if this is Red Wing and what the value if it would be?

Thank you for the help.

Nick & Lori


Yes, the Christmas tree holder was made by the Red Wing Stoneware company.

It was made around 1930.  I have seen some of these with the Red Wing art pottery ink stamp.  I would place the value between $250-300.  Add $50 if it were ink stamped.


Red Wing 6 gallon salt glazed lazy 8 with quotation marks



I recently purchased an amazing 6 gallon salt glaze redwing.  I have never come across one is such flawless condition and am curious about its value.  There are no chips, cracks, or othe issues.  I have quite a few Redwings in my collection but this is my new favorite.

Thanks in advance,


Kelly, you have the .  It is a very nice piece and not to easy to find.  In perfect condition $400 to $500.  Al Kohlman

Advertising Mini Canteen from Taft Cal.


Hello, I have a mini Red Wing advertising canteen which I have pictured. What is its age and value? Thank you, Courtney


Courtney, your mini canteen sure looks like Red Wing from your photos.  These canteens were most likely produced between 1900 & 1906 or so.  In perfect condition, the value is in the area of $1200 to $1700 give or take a couple of hundred.  Al Kohlman

3 gallon Red Wing water cooler with lid and bubbler

Question: Greetings,

I have a 3 gallon cooler complete with lid and blubber.  Very similar to what Kristi inquired about in September.  Can you give me an estimate of value?  It is in very good condition.  Is the blubber chrome plated brass?  It is not magnetic.  Any help you could provide would be most appreciated.  I can send pics if you need them.

All the best,



Reed, the 3 gallon Red Wing water cooler with lid and bubbler has a value in the area of $600.  The bubber is nickel coated brass. This is why it is not magnitic.  I don’t see any wear on the bubbler and all looks to be in great shape.   Al Kohlman