25 gallon Red Wing birch leaf crock


Can you tell me the value of this crock? Justin


Justin, the value of your 25 gallon Red Wing birch leaf crock if in perfect condition is $275 to $300.  Al Kohlman

Red Wing reversed oval 5 gallon butter churn


i have a 5 gal butter churn crock that has the stamp in the middle and the 4 inch red wing at the bottom. its the only one i have seen like this . what would be the reason for this? it is 15 in tall x 10.5 in mouth andy


Andy, you have what is called a Red Wing reversed oval 5 gallon butter churn.   Though not as common as most churns you see, they are not rare.   It basically would have been up to the potter when they applied the stamps as I have never heard of these being a special order.  Al Kohlman

Minnesota Stoneware Company 10 gallon unsigned salt glazed leaf crock



I recently purchased this salt glaze crock which I believe is a Minnesota/Red Wing piece.

I could not find one similar in the “Ask the Experts” pages in a ten gallon size.

It’s in excellent condition with only a small hairline on outside bottom edge that does not go through to the inside, and a 1/4 inch small flake on inside top rim.

The darker spots towards the bottom look much darker in the photo than they do on the actual crock.

I’m curious what its current value might be.

Thank You,


Cary, your  with the hairline on the bottom and small chip would have a value between $600 & $675 or so.  Even though the hairline is small, it stills affects its value. Nice looking piece!  Al Kohlman

20 gallon (unsigned) salt glazed Red Wing Stoneware butterfy decoration


Can you tell me what the value of this 20 gallon butterfly crock is (assuming the cracks didn’t exist)–damaged and trying to determine pre-accident value.

Thank you



Tami, if this 20 gallon (unsigned) salt glazed Red Wing Stoneware decorated 20 gallon butterfly were in perfect condition, the value would be $1500.  Al Kohlman

Red Wing 3 gallon advertising jug was made for a Canadian Company


Hi there, I’m looking for some information on my 3 gallon shoulder jug.  I don’t see many with a black number 3 or no Red Wing oval, can you please explain.  Also, I’d like to know roughly the date it was made & a price for if I ever sold it.

Best Regards,



Richard, your Red Wing 3 gallon advertising jug was made for a Canadian Company (most likely a liquor company).   The Imperial stamp means that the 3 gal jug is really 3 liters (4.2 gallons). Also, the use of black ink verses blue would be up to the company requesting the color of ink on their order.  Your advertising shoulder jug was produced between 1918 & 1930 and has a value between $700 & $800.  Al Kohlman

5 gallon Elephant Ear jug


Hi, I recently purchased this 5 gallon Elephant Ear jug. It has the large chip in the front and also a smaller chip at the bottom back. It has many turkey droppings on the top of the jug also. I was wondering with these condition issues and today’s market what a piece like this would be valued at. Thank you! JB


JB, it sure is a gorgeous beehive.  That large chip in the front just kills it’s value.  With the chip in the front and smaller chip in back, $800 to $1000.   Al Kohlman

JC Miller Advertising packing jar at 4 gallon beehive advertising jug



I come across these two pieces of Red Wing,I was wondering what they’re worth and about what year the jug was made? The crock has  RWSCo stamped on the bottom.

Thanks for your time, Andre


Andre, I have not seen that type of shoulder on your crock type packing jar that is bottom signed before.  I would think it would carry the same value has other Red Wing packing jars that is close to yours.  As I see it with RWSCo bottom stamp and in perfect condition $450 to $550.

Your Red Wing Advertising beehive jug was produced between 1895 & 1917.  Value would be between $1200 & $1500 if in perfect condition.  Two very nice pieces!  Al Kohlman

Red Wing 5 gallon shoulder jug with the Johnson’s Cider Portland, Oregon


Hello there. My dad and I recently did a crawlspace cleanup and came across a Redwing cider jug. It’s 5 gallons, with the 5 stamp, the red wing stamps, and on the opposite side, a Johnson’s cider Portland, Ore stamp. It has a handle on the top, a cork stopper, and a wood/cork tap on the bottom. I haven’t managed to find anything else like it and I’m curious as to what it might be worth?

Thank you,



Ty, your Red Wing 5 gallon shoulder jug with the Johnson’s Cider Portland, Oregon advertising if in perfect condition has a value between $550 & $600.  Nice jug!  Al Kohlman

ed Wing hand turned water cooler 3 or 4 gallon


What can you tell me about this churn. In good shape.

Thanks Mary


Mary, your Red Wing hand turned water cooler was produced just after 1917 & into the early 1920’s.  In mint condition the value is between $300 & $375.  It looks to be a 3 or 4 gallon.  If you look at the inside bottom of the cooler, it will have a number in blue.  That number indicates the gallon-age of the cooler.

20 gallon butterfly and 20 gallon double leaf


Hi, I was hoping you could appraise these two 20 gallon crocks for me.

The 20 gallon butterfly is back stamped Red Wing Stoneware. It is in excellent condition except for a nearly invisible 6 inch crowsfoot in the back. The butterfly is over 11 inches wide!

The 20 gallon leaf crock is in virtually mint condition and is front stamped with the Minnesota split oval.

Thanks for your help



Andy, your Red Wing 20 gallon butterfly with the tight hairline and back stamped has a value between $1500 & $1800.  Your 20 gallon double leaf that is in mint condition and front stamped with the Minnesota oval has a value right around $3000.   Al Kohlman