Red Wing 271 console bowl

Question: Please give me information on the  Redwing console pictured here.  It has no impressed “Redwing” on the bottom.   The only identification is a
blue and white label on the bottom about 1″ square with – Red Wing   Shape 271   Finish 1 .  There is also a white store label about 1/2” square   “La Salle & Koch
Co.    $4.95.   The console is cream color , Grecian style with scalloped top and it is pedestalled.  It  measures 15″L – 7″W – 5″H (at center) and 8 1/2″H (at ends).
There are 2 tiny pin holes on each end that do not go all the way through to
the inside, just under the “ears”.  The LaSalle & Koch Co. I found out was an upscale department store that opened about 1918  I believe in Columbus Oh., later purchased by Macy’s.  Is it an authentic Redwing?   How old is it and what would be it’s approx.
value?   Thanks for any help you can give me.   Ma;ry Ann E


Answer: Mary

yes, this is Red Wing, from around 1939.  Nice to have the original
stickers.  Value is around 50.00 or so.  thanks, steve n rose

Red Wing Vase 609


I recently acquired this vase and cant find logo with star information, Vase is about 10 inches high and the inner diameter at top is 5 inches across, Bottom says red wing potteries with star and has a number 609, It is crème color with a good heft to it and no flaws. Many thanks for any help.


Answer: Lynn

they used this mark sometimes, on the artware.  dates
to the early thirties, with a value of around 70.00 or so.  thanks,
steve n rose

Neoclassic Line RumRill vase 663


Hi,  I have attached some pictures of a Red Wing art pottery vase that I recently acquired.   From the research that I have been able to do, I understand that this vase was made during the Rumrill period 1932 – 1937.  I have not been able to find out anything about the color of this vase.  It is a rusty red orange and brown blended color and my question is what this was called and is this vase more unique in this color?  Also there are 2 small (app. 1″ long) hairline cracks visible on the inner rim of this vase.  I wondered why these appear, because the rest of the vase has no damage or wear, does it happen when it is made or is it stress and happens over time?  I don’t have any real idea of what this is worth, so if you could help me with that I would be very appreciative.  Thank you in advance for your help.



Answer: you are correct, rumrill, from the neoclassic line.  some call the glaze scarlet and bay.  the cracks shouldn’t be there, so with the damage, value around 35.00 or so.  thanks, steve n rose

Vase 673 steroline glaze

Question: I have a Chromoline vase #673 that was broken a few years ago. Instead of the horizontal stripes that most chr. pieces have, the glaze is a shaded mix of light green and tan. I would like to replace it, and have a message from someone with a #674 (10″ rather than 8″) for sale for $135. Can you give me an idea of value range for #673 and/or #674? Thank you. Winston
it’s probably a Steroline line glaze, sagebrush, maybe, not the chromoline glaze.  the is probably a 30 dollar difference between the two shapes.
thanks, steve n rose

Ceramastone candleholders – pig shape


Hello Experts,

I have read about Red Wing Ceramastone and the Pig Triple Candleholders here at your wonderfully informative site and have a follow-up question.

Original link:

I have attached a few pictures of the three (!) pigs I have recently acquired. You will notice the two brown pigs have different colors of clay (one red, one white) and onsequently the decoration shows differently -do you know why that might be? (fyi, the beige pig has red clay too) I am curious to know what the different colors of clay are on the dinnerware is. The red clay under the beige looks great in the detail and the white clay under the brown looks great, but the red clay under the brown is much plainer.

And do you have a current value for these guys? I do not collect Red Wing myself and plan to sell them and would like to know a fair price.

Thanks so much for your time!



Sorry, I don’t have any information about different types of clay used to make the Ceramastone candleholders.  The photos are good but I don’t see anything that
convinces me the clay used to make them is appreciably different.  One brown pig appears to have a lighter coating of glaze and thus the “ribs” show through; the other brown pig has a heavier coating of glaze so the clay is completely covered.  Can’t really tell much from th3 “feet” in the photo because there are other colors on the foot surfaces as well.

Red Wing literature stated that Ceramastone was made with “improved stoneware”
clay.  “It combines the  basic materials of stoneware, yet we remove the impurities and fire at extremely high temperatures (2200 degrees)”.  There could be slight differences in color between batches of clay, or perhaps the high firing temperatures had some effect on the color where unglazed clay was exposed.  Do the candleholders have
approximately the same weight?  If not that would be a good clue that the clays are not the same.

Ceramastone triple candleholders are worth around $50 each in excellent condition. Dark brown is the most common color; the other colors (Adobestone tan, Charstone Bleu blue and Heatherstone Orange orange) are worth $10 to $15 more.



Shape 123, brushedware planter shape 123

I am attaching two photos.  Both are marked “Union Stoneware”.  I would like to know the name of the pattern,  and…if there is a saucer or stand for either of these. If there is a saucer or stand for either of these, I would appreciate a contact.

Thamk you,




this is shape #123, from around 1930.  Part of the brushedware line.
it looks to be in poor shape, value around 25.00 or so.  still makes a
nice planter, though.  thanks, steve n rose

Spike or Pointed vase M 1481, designed by Charles Murphy



My friend was thinning her vase collection and came across this redwing vase. Any idea of when it was made or its worth?

Thank you in advance for your time.


this vase is from around 1955, designed by Charles Murphy.  Value is
around 40.00 or so.  thanks, steve n rose

1238 vase


Good afternoon,

I bought this vase at an antique shop that was going out of business. I can’t find out anything about it except for the information on the bottom. Do you know when it was made and the value of it? I don’t see any chips.

Thank you,

Kathy  Answer:

Hi Kathy
this vase is from around 1946.  Value is around 25.00 or so.  thanks, steve n rose

1022 Vase Magnolia Line-with green trim


What is the value of a 1002 Magnolia Vase with green trim around the flowers?


This is part of the Magnolia Line and is from 1940.  Value is around $50.00 in perfect condition, with the green glaze.  thanks, steve n rose

Red WIng 1014, 1015, and 1016


I have had these pieces for a long time and decided it was time to find out something about them and what they are worth.

Picture #1014  The yellow speckled pc is 3-1/2x7x4 in tall.  Bottom is stamped Red Wing USA M-1549. It has a very small hairline crack.  Cream colored tulip shape pot is about 4-1/2 dia x 5 in tall and marked Red Wing 894.  No chips or cracks.

Picture #1015  Maroon/gray 7 in sq x 5 in tall  I can see it marked as Red Wing USA, but cannot see the number.  There is a small ¼” hole in the bottom.  Don’t know if that was how it was made or if someone did that later.

Picture #1016  Yellow decorated, 4-1/2 x 11 x 4-1/2 tall.  Not sure if this is RW or not.  It has a stamped ink marking( pic #1018) that says Red Wing Art Pottery on the bottom

I am a wanna-be collector and just pick up random pcs when I see them, but have no idea about these.  Thanks for your help.



#1014 both are worth around 20.00 or so
#1015, an anniversary line piece, around 20.00, the drill hole must have been done later
#1016  an early form, around 1930, window box, value around 60.00 or so.
thanks, steve n rose