Magnolia urn


I have two jars with lids. See attached photo. Perfect condition. What is their age and worth. I appreciate your time and help.

Thank you,


Answer: Magnolia line, circa 1940.  Around 90.00 each if in good shape.  Thanks Steve n rose

Brushedware garden urn


We recently picked up with piece what can you tell us about its history and value.

Answer: Brushedware garden urn, circa 1930, value 500-1000 Nice find….  Steve n Rose

Dragon Pitcher, 220

Question: The subject pitcher is approximately 10 1/4″ tall. The primary color is white with a faint blue hue. Fluted and intricate design. As the picture shows, it has a face with serpent type figures on either side of the face. The handle is a serpent type figure. The bottom appears to be impressed red wing with the number 220. It’s difficult to make out the number.  As you can see in the photo, there is a chip on the under side of the lip. Otherwise, it’s in great condition. I’m interested in the value of this piece, as well as the identity. Thank you for your service. Respectfully,


Answer: 220 sounds right for the shape, circa 1935.  Value with the chip around 35.00 or so.  Thanks, Steve&rose

Ball Jug #50, blue


I Found this in a wall when adding a sunroom on to my house. The bottom is marked rumrill 50. Curious to find out more about this. Thanks Jay

Answer: Hi Jay

this is a #50 ball jug, early 30’s.  there should be a stopper with it,
but still has a value of around 60.00 or so.  thanks, steve n rose

Red WIng Cobalt/dark blue vase 246


Thanks for your help.  I tried to get the best pictures I could.  Hard with the deep color.  The vase is 10 inches tall and in good condition–no chips or cracks.  Any information as to the value and how to sell it would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks again,  Karol


this is shape 246, it dates to around 1930/31.  the glaze is called cobalt/dark
blue.  Ebay is usually the best way to sell.  Value is around 80.00 or so, just depends on who is bidding.  thanks, steve n rose

Red Wing Brushed Ware Vase, dumpster find


Dear Experts,

I found this item in our local dump and hope to sell it to a discerning collector who
appreciates it. What can you tell me about its production and current value?
Catalog listing?  It is 7 1/2″ high, 5″ wide and quite hefty.  The base is slightly rounded. Note the RWU mark is round, not oval.  I have been unable to ascertain much about it except that I believe its Brushware from the late 1920s. There is simply no better vase for golden, dried flowers or grain than this one, bar none, because it can support the weight. Please also let me know if you think of someone who would be interested in purchasing it from me for a fair price. Thank you for your time.



this is a brushware vase, made by RedWing, circa 1930.  It looks to be painted,
but that can be removed.  Value is around 70.00 or so.  interesting find…

thanks, steve n rose

Red Wing candle sticks 1286 and Normandy Dinnerware


My grandma recently passed away and I got this pottery.  Just wondering if you can tell
me about it.

Thanks for the info. I can’t tell if its a 2 or a 9 so I took a picture.  The only info I have is
my grandma got this before she was married so I assume its pretty old.


The dinnerware pattern you have is called Normandy. This pattern is part of the Provincial dinnerware line of the 1940s. Here is an article about the line and pattern from our website:

The covered sugar bowl and the salt & pepper shakers are worth $20-25.  I can’t tell from the photo if the smaller piece is a small bowl or small plate, but either way the
value is $7.50 to $10.  All values assume excellent condition. Larry Roschen

The candlesticks are art pottery, value is around 35.00 for the pair.  thanks,
steve n rose


Georgia Group Shape 174


What can you tell me about this flower vase I recently found.

Thanks, Karen


thisis part of the Georgia Rose group, circa 1938.  Value is around 85.00 or
so.  thanks, steve n rose

Red Wing Planter 105

Question: I have a lovely Red Wing planter that’s marked 105. It is about 5.5 inches tall, 9.5 inches long  and 5.25 inches wide. However, when I search for that style number, other pottery pieces come up. Can you tell me about this planter? Is it considered artware? When would it have been made? Any idea about current value?

Thank you.



Answer: this is a little planter, from 1961.  an old number, but it was reused at this
later date.  value around 25.00.  thanks, steve n rose

cigarette boxes: 1256 and 1268


Hello – I found these three pieces of Red Wing pottery while going
though my late Grandfather’s possessions that I ended up with.

I was wondering if you would be able to provide any information about them?  They are in perfect condition.  Not a nick or scratch on any them.

The pink one looks exactly like the blue one – only it is more of  matte finish, not glossy like the others.  It also does not have any markings on the bottom of it as the others do.

Thanks for any information you are able to provide!




Answer: Tina

all three are from around 1946, I always called them cigarette boxes, but they
could be for trinkets as well.  Value is around 50.00 each.  thanks,
steve n rose