1012 Vase Magnolia Line


The pitcher has a blue shiny glaze with pink inside. I would appreciate any information about this piece you could send me. It has #1012 on the bottom.


This is part of the Magnolia Line designed by Belle Kogan from around 1941.  Value is about $50.00 in perfect condition with the blue glaze. The more common white (antique ivory) glaze is worth around $40.00 in perfect condition.  thanks, steve n rose

Rum Rill 705


Dear Steve and Rose

I’m hoping you can help me with a Rum Rill piece I found today while thrifting.

I’ve searched the web and found a couple like colored and style pieces but not this. When searching the mold number 705 it some sites simply say “missing 705.”

I would greatly appreciate your expertise and any help you can give me.

By the way it is in mint condition.



Answer: it is 705, miscellaneous group, circa 1938.  value around 50.00 or so.  thanks, steve n rose

733 Shoe Planter


I came across what looks like a ceramic slipper/shoe vase with the front of the shoe/slipper having a continuous piece that loops back to the top of the shoe/slipper.


This is shape #733 from 1962. It is often called the shoe planter.  Value is around $50.00 in perfect condition.  thanks, steve n rose

164 Vase with Lion in Green


I’m hoping this reaches you in time.  I love the lion vases that Red Wing produced.  I see in a previous article you valued the vase I have discovered at around $300 if in mint condition.  The vase I have a chance to purchase has no flaws but crazing.  It is also in the light green, 10 inches high.  I was curious what the crazing would do to the value of the piece.


The crazing in green is normal.  It won’t change the value.  Thanks, Steve n rose

196 Vase in Nokomis


I checked earlier Ask the Experts questions, but the only information regarding this vase is for one in a Crystalized glaze.  I’m just curious what a vase like this would be worth.  I know it is Nokomis style. I just love the shape and colors of this glaze.


It’s Nokomis glaze, shape #196, $300.00 or so would be a fair price in perfect condition.  Nokomis is a glaze that can influence the price of a piece, thanks for the question! thanks, steve n rose

Rumrill glaze, 302

Question: What can you tell me about this vase. It a beauty. It is marked Red Wing and 302. Good shape


Answer: Rumrill glaze, around 1938.  value about 45.00 or so.  thanks, steve n rose

Brushed ware shape 123

Question: What can you tell me about the age and value of this pot that came from a family member.

Answer: shape 123, brushedware, from around 1930.  value is about 90.00 or so.  thanks, steve n rose

Mulberry Floor Vase


I would like to know if this urn has any value. We think it is over 60 years old.It is marked Red Wing Union Stoneware Co. Red Wing, Minn.  this is in blue ink on the bottom in a circle.
The vase stands at 24″. It was in my husbands Grandparents home when he was a child. We are

interested in any info we can get on it.

Thank you,



Answer: These date to the 1930’s.  Nice mulberry glaze, value 1000.00+  thanks Steve n rose

Red Wing Bird Bath bowl, and pedestal urn


Hello- have a Red Wing stoneware bird bath that I am curious about. Cannot find it in any Red Wing books or copies of catalogs. Any idea as to value. June


Answer:  June you kind of have a mishmash of parts, the top is a birdbath bowl, the bottom is a pedestal for an urn, a completely different item.  they date to around
1930.  the broken pedestal is worth maybe 20.00, and the top of the birdbath, around 100.00 or so.  thanks, steve n rose

Rumrill #505, backwards bottom marked.


HI STEVE, I am not sure if you answer emails like this, but a friend turned me on to this site,  I do not often come across Red Wing, nor Rumrill.. But I enjoyed reading the letters to you and your answers..

Now for what I have, and cannot find out anything for sure..
I have a large planter or console bowl in the shape of a shell.  I have attached photos if you want to take a look..

The shell is marked on the bottom with all letter reversed,  LLIRMUR U.S.A  and the number 505 backwards as well.  Beisides the markings being backwards, some one also painted the bottom black, not sure for what reason.. I purchased this at an Country barn an estate of a couple that passed on and were quite well to do.. So did not think it was junk.. Attached see pictures, the dish is about 12″ long..
Thank you for your time.
Sincerely, Rochelle


Answer: That’s an odd one, I have no idea how its marked backwards.  Its not a RedWing glaze or shape, so I’m not sure on a value.  Thanks, Steve&rose


Information found by submitter later:

As written in RumRill book The Ohio Years 1938-1942

505 shell console bowl Neptune green 1942 Gonder made. 16″ long. $250.-300. They were finished in soft muted shades of green and tan, and their interiors were usually a high gloss pink finish. These large pieces also had an unusual charcoal black bottom—another sign of a Gonder-made RumRill. these unglazed bottoms were also sometimes numbered with a three-digit shape number, starting with the 500 series. These pieces were produced in late 1941 and 1942 at the Zane Pottery Company which later was renamed Gonder Ceramic Arts. Rare ash black bottoms had a distinctive reverse impressed mark. These pieces were made during the transition period when Gonder started producing RumRill  Pottery.

Read all about it here complete with pictures..