Vase 816, Belle Kogan 100 line


Good morning.   I have a Red Wing vase that my parents

received for a wedding gift in 1940.   The Vase is blue and stands 12 inches high with the number 816 on the bottom. There is a chip on the bottom otherwise it is in great shape.

I was wondering the value.   I have attached a picture for you.

Thank you.




the timeframe is correct, late 30’s, part of the Kogan 100 line.  with the chip, value around 35.00 or so.  thanks, steve n rose

Red Wing 720 vase, designed by Belle Kogan



I bought this little vase in Red Wing some years ago and hope you could help with its date, designer and whether it has any value….bright yellow, 7.5inch tall….

Answer: designed in 1938, part of the early Belle Kogan line.  Value around 65.00 or so.  thanks, steve n rose

6002 Bowl


I have a piece of art pottery. It has “Red Wing USA ” etched in the bottom of it. Also, the number 6002 is etched above it. What would this be worth today?


Hi, this is part of the “6000” series done in 1949. The glaze is called quartz and was made in a white/gray, red, or yellow glaze. Fairly rare forms, not too many were made. This is shape #6002. Value is around $300.00 in perfect condition. Thanks, steve n rose

Saxon Line, early brushedware


Hello, I can’t find anything like this anywhere. I can only say from what I have read that it’s an 1880’s cold painted artware vase. We are selling and don’t know what to put on it. It seems rare. Any help on this would be much appreciated. Thanks, Robb


this would be some of the earliest brushedware/art pottery from Red Wing, the Saxon line, I haven’t seen one sell, I would guess somewhere in the 200.00 range.  Not much info on it, just a few show up every now and then.  thanks, steve n rose

1027 Vase Magnolia Line


I have a Red Wing vase. On the bottom of the vase it says “Red Wing USA 1027.”  I would like to know the value of this piece.  Any indication would be appreciated.


This is part of the Magnolia line.  Value is around $90.00 in perfect condition.  Thanks, steve n rose

Brushed ware planter, gloss glaze


This planter was found in a barn can you tell me more about its age and value?


Nice brushedware planter, looks like in the gloss glaze.  Circa 1930, value around 90.00 or so.  Thanks, Steve n rose

Minnesota Centennial Trivet, bisque


I have a question about an unglazed MN Centennial trivet.  I would like to know what the story might be behind it not being glazed.  Please let me know what you can find out from the tremendous resources of our experts


Trivet Collector response

$45 with stains to $60 without;  uncommon, but not rare.  Regular trivets except in red go for $25 to $40 at auction.  Any chips drops the price 60%.

When we did the trivet as a Special Commemorative, I was told by a former factory worker they did many in bisque for the Red Wing store which allowed people to glaze them as they saw fit (for the schools?).  Of the 500 molds I’ve seen from the 1960s, I have not seen this mold in existence.    The two I have weigh correctly, so I believe the story I heard.  So, looking at the picture, I believe it is the real deal.  Don’t you love the ore boat in the center!


Platter Magnolia Line-Painted


Here is a picture of the Magnolia Line platter What can you tell me about this piece?


This is part of the Magnolia Line and has the details hand painted.  This is a very nice piece.  Value is around $125.00 in perfect condition. Thanks, steve n rose

Brushed ware 244 planter



I purchased this Red Wing Art Pottery planter pictured below at an estate sale for $15. It is approximately 7″ high and 7″ diameter at the top. I am pretty good at researching but this piece has run me to a dead end.

Can you tell me what you know about it? How old is it, what it is & its value? ? If not, what would you recommend for that information?

Answer: it’s part of the brushedware line, circa 1930 or so.  value around 90.00.  thanks, steve n rose