Red Wing 1110 Vase



I have a vase and I know nothing about it other than my mom always said the redwing pottery was the good stuff.  Can you tell me about this vase.

It is 7 1/4 inch light blue with a pink interior.  

2 handles one higher than the other

lines and flower decoration on both sides

bottom stamped redwing usa 1110

It doesn’t appear to have any cracks or chips.


Any information you can give me would be appreciated.



Answer: Hi Mark
this dates to around 1941, luster blue is the glaze name, and it has a value of around 50.00 or so.  thanks, steve n rose

Art Pottery Line 908



I am looking for any info you can give me on this piece,it belonged to my mother & I really know nothing else about it..

Thank You,


Answer: Hi Sherry
this was part of the art pottery line of 1939, value is around 30.00 on this one.  thanks, steve n rose

Brushed Ware Flower Pot



I have a Red Wing planter.  It is 7 inches in height and 8 inches in diameter.  On the bottom encircled in blue it reads “Red Wing Union Stoneware Co Redwing, Minn”  The outside of the planter has a matt finish, but the inside of the planter is a glossy green finish. There are no chips or cracks.  Is this brushware?  What would the value be?

Thank you in advance for your information.

Best Regards,


Answer: Hi Mary
yes, indeed, this is brushedware, circa 1930ish.  there were several sizes of this flower pot, this being the smallest.  Value is around 75.00 or so.  thanks, steve n rose

Red Wing Vase 1295


I inherited a Red Wing vase, 1295, in pristine condition.

I see from the Red Wing Collectors site that it was likely made in 1947 or so. I would like advice on 2 things: 1) what’s it worth, and 2) how to best go about selling it.

I have hundreds of vases and other things that my mom collected and for which I have absolutely no place to store them, and I’m at a loss for what to do to lighten my load. Any advice you have for me is greatly appreciated.



Answer: Hi Karen
the date is correct, this is worth around 35.00 or so.  As for selling all your things, it does sound like there is quite a bit.  I would hire a local auctioneer, and have them sell it all for you.  I think you would get the best overall prices by doing it that way.  thanks, steve n rose

Red Wing Shapes: 1168, 1263, 1267, 5030


I came across several Red Wing Artware pieces at a local antique store.  The pieces remind me of Art Deco and I would like to learn more about them.  I was also curious about the value of the pieces. 

Piece 1 – On the bottom: Red Wing 1168; pink glaze vase with spiral pattern on both sides

Piece 2 – On the bottom: Red Wing 1263; terra cotta glaze, geometric shape

Piece 3 – On the bottom: Red Wing 1267; pink glaze – small chips

Piece 4 – On the bottom: Red Wing 5030; Zephyr Pink vase-height 12″

Any information would be appreciated


the 1263 is a planter form 1946, value around 30.00
the 5030 is attributed to the garden club line, circa 1957, value around 45.00

Links to previous questions:

  steve n rose

RumRill 596


Found this piece of RumRill at a flea market. Have tried to find out about this piece, but with no luck. Have not been able to find another one like it. Item is in very good condition, no cracks,chips etc.  It is marked on the bottom, RumRill 596. Any info and estimated value would be appreciated. Thank You


Answer: Michael
nice piece, especially with no dings.  think someone has added a little color along the way, but some paint remover will take care of that.  It dates to around 1936, value is 90.00 or so, cleaned up.  thanks, steve n rose

Matt Frog marked Red Wing


I have a matte green frog, 4 1/2″ high, marked with Red Wing company on the bottom along with the number 253.  It is in mint condition, the mouth of the frog is slightly open.

It is NOT a flower frog, just a regular frog.

Thanks, Maggie


these are pretty rare, I don’t think I have seen one sell.  book is 300.00 +   thanks, steve n rose

Brusheware Heron vase



I would like to know more about this vase that I have had for many years. I cannot find anything about it on the web so perhaps you are my best source for correct information

Attached are the bottom of the vase mark

the sides are rather rough

the inside is deep green gloss

the measurements are: 4 1/2″ across the opening, and 8″ tall



Answer: Hi Wanona
we call this the Heron vase, brushedware, from around 1930.  Value is about 80.00 or so.  thanks, steve n rose

Magnolia Pieces


I am interested in selling my collection of Red Wing Pottery.  I have attached 3 photos of items I own and have others I have yet to photograph.  I am seeking information on appraisal of these pieces and would like to sell them.
Thank you,
Carol Lee


the first two are worth around 50.00 each, the third, maybe a little more, 65.00 or so.  thanks, steve n rose

Console Bowl 658


HI, How are you? Can you help me, I have a …..Vintage RED WING USA 658 Pottery Planter Shell Seashell.., with 658 on bottom. What can you tel me about this item please. Thank You , Tammy


Hi Tammy
it’s a console bowl shape, from around 1960.  Value is around 25.00 or so.  thanks, steve n rose