Hobby Shop candleticks shape 1409



I am hoping you can provide more information regarding this teardrop piece I found at a garage sale.  I am only able to find the teardrop candle holder and was told this may be a “prototype” by the artist that designed the candle holder.  Is this true?  Is/was this something your artists did?  The piece is approximately 51/4 inches high and about 4 inches wide.  As you can see it has a shiny blue glaze with red “splotches.”  I hope you can help provide more information.

Thank you,


Answer: HI Kay
no, this isn’t a prototype for this particular shape.  When the factory closed, molds were sold to others, craft stores, etc.  This isn’t a Red Wing glaze, so was done at a later time, somewhere else, not at the Red Wing factory.  we call these “hobby shop” items.  value maybe around 10.00 or so.  thanks, steve n rose

Belle line 844 and 847


I just recently acquired (2) interesting pieces that are Red Wing Art Pottery. #844 & #847, as pictured here. I think they are really neat pieces, and found your email on the internet. Wondering if you are able to tell me what each piece is worth, if anything.

Thank you!


Answer: Hi Katie
these are part of the Belle line, circa 1963, designed by Belle Kogan.  I would say around 30.00 for the short one, 50.00 or so for the tall one.  thanks, steve n rose

Red Wing, Female Centaur, shape 914


Hi, we are curious on this piece of Red Wing as we cannot find a comparable. Do you know the age and value? that there is embossed type lettering on the back side of the feet, “RED WING,” on one side and a number on the other side which is hard to read but I think is 914. 

Many thanks for your time.
Mark and Leslie

Answer: Hi Mark & Leslie
this is shape # 914, a female centaur, made around 1965, in he bronze line glaze.  Pretty rare piece, you don’t see these very often.  I would guess around 1000.00 or so for a value, I haven’t seen one sell for quite sometime.  thanks, steve n rose

Garden Club line



I have a green mug, pitcher or something.

Can you give me more detail on it?




Hi Bill

this is part of the Garden Club line, from 1957.  it has a pitcher shape, but it’s really more of a vase….  Value is around 45.00 or so.  thanks, steve n rose

Red Wing Corn Cob


I have a ceramic red wing that is the shape of a corn cob. It was my great grandfather’s. It is yellow and has a cork. It also has a small shot cup with it. It sits sideways, can you tell me more about this, and what it might be worth? Thank you…..Julie


the corn jug and shot glass are from around 1930ish.  haven’t seen one sell for awhile, but I would guess at least a couple hundred for both.  it is a fairly unusual item.  thanks, steve n rose

Yellow Elephant Handle Vase


Hi my name is meka and I have a yellow vase with elephant handles  it looks like it’s been the glaze been chipped then related it has a blue stamp that say red wing art pottery and the number 215 on the bottom attached is a picture of it thank you.


this is a red wing item, from around 1931.  the glaze does look to be stained a bit, but it’s value is still around 45.00 or so.  thanks, steve n rose

Red Wing M-5000, Charles Murphy designer


First, thank you for your time , knowledge, and generosity.
The vase in question is marked red wing usa around the bottom ring with an m-5000 beneath .  It is roughly 9 inches tall and about 6 inches across (at the widest spot) The color is slightly darker than grocery paper bag brown/ (my car also goes ricksey womm fssss when I accelerate) I apologize both for the lack of a photo and the lack of coherent humor.

Thank you again for what ever info you can give.


your vase is from the Garden Club line of 1957, I would agree with you description of the glaze color..  Value is around 45.00 or so.  thanks, steve n rose

bolt and washer vase


My mother owns a one of two bolt and washer vase.  My great grandfather worked at Red Wing Pottery as a maintenance man.  The story goes, they made a mold for this vase, but didn’t like it, so broke the mold and only two vases were completed.  They gave one to my great grandfather and one to his cousin or good friend. 

We are wondering if there is a value to be placed on these and how we would go about getting that value.  

Thank you for your assistance.



this vases dates to around 1943, and your story could be correct, they are very rare.  There is a picture of one in our Red Wing reference book, same color as yours.  I’ve not seen one in person.  Price is hard to give with no real other values to go by.  The book lists it as “rare”.  I would say in the 500.00 range, just depends on who is bidding for it.  Hope this helps, thanks for the story, too!  steve n rose

Rumrill bowl with bird design

Question: Is this a Red Wing Piece and what is it worth – Thanks Todd

Answer: yes, this is a RumRill design, made by Red Wing, early 30’s timeframe.  Value is around 45.00 or so.  thanks, steve n rose

Mount Rushmore Ashtray


What can you tell me about an ashtray marked Red Wing U.S.A., green in color, approx 6 1/2″ square, has Mount Rushmore faces and the following wording:  SOUTH DAKOTA MT. RUSHMORE SPEAKS TO THE AGES THE FORTITUDE OF WASHINGTON THE VISION OF JEFFERSON THE VIGOR OF T. ROOSEVELT THE FAITH OF LINCOLN.

Answer: The Mount Rushmore ashtray usually sells in the $100.00 range in perfect condition.  It is not a very common piece, and commonly came in either the green glaze you have or a brown glaze. Collectors from South Dakota especially love this piece. Thanks, steve n rose