Red Wing 1336 Crackle White and Bronze Vase


Hello,  I am interested in any information you hopefully can give me on this vase? It measures 9 & 1/2 inches in height from base to top lip. The base is 2 3/4 × 2 × 2. Brown inside,  white with light blue crackle exterior? Bottom marked REDWING U.S.A. 1336.

Answer: The 1336 crackled white vase with bronze in mint condition it would be valued around $65.

Blossom Time jardiniere


The item in the photo is a jardiniere and is intended to hold planted flowers.

In the early 1950’s Red Wing made vases and jardinieres in several shapes and sizes that were decorated with artwork borrowed from three popular dinnerware patterns.  The patterns were Magnolia, Lotus and Blossom Time.  The item in the photo is a Blossom Time jardiniere.  Red Wing price lists show these vases and jardinieres were categorized as art ware, not dinnerware, and they do not appear in dinnerware brochures.

These vases and jardinieres were not big sellers and were made for a short period.  Today they aren’t rare but they are scarce.  The value for this Blossom Time jardiniere is $50-75 if it is in excellent, undamaged condition.  Any damage reduces the value significantly.

Larry R



I came picked this piece up at  a flea market recently.

I am uncertain of what it is for. Planter? Can you tell me?

It measures at widest point approx. 9 in. and 6 ½ in tall

Thank you


Belle Kogan shape 800, the 100 line


Just a quick question, is this vase a real Red Wing vase? It does not have USA on it.

Thank you.


Yes this is a vintage Red Wing vase. It was designed by Belle Kogan in 1938 as part of her Belle Kogan 100 line. The shape is called Riviera and it should be blue lined? According to the price guide from the Red Wing Art Pottery book by Ray Reiss the value is 80-100. The price guide is from 2003; I have heard that prices in the book are down by 20% in todays market.

Red WIng 1302 and 1291



This is a question for Larry. I recently purchased a set of Red Wing bowls. I believe these are bowls by Eva Zeisel. The smaller bowl measures 7″ across the top and is 4.5″ tall, marked Red Wing 1309 “last # is hard to read”, and looks to have a signature on the edge. The larger bowl measures 14″ across the top and is 2.75″ tall. It has 1201 on the bottom.  Both are chartreuse on the outside, and are dark brown or gunmetal brown on the inside. I have attached a few photos that may help with the identification of these pieces.




Eva Zeisel designed the Town and Country dinnerware pattern for Red Wing.  The pattern was very successful but it was the only design she produced for Red Wing.  These two items are from the art pottery lines, not the Town and Country pattern, therefore, they could not have been designed by Eva Zeisel.

The mold number on the pedestal bowl is 1302.  It is pictured on page 205 of “Red Wing Art Pottery” by Ray Reiss.  The 2003 price guide for the book states value between $30-40. The writer states the number on the larger bowl is 1201, but Ray’s book shows a vase as shape 1201.  From digging in the Volume two of Red Wing Art Pottery, I think the bowl is 1291. The book show a different glaze combinaton (turquise and bronze) the value would be around $80.

Saxon Pitcher, Cleveland vase


Dear sir,

I am looking for some information on a piece of pottery that I acquired with the sale of our 100 year old family cabin.  Though it is missing a handle, I absolutely love it.  Could you give me any information on it or direct me to someone who could?  I have attached a few pictures.  It has a label on the bottom that says Red Wing and Saxon.  Thank you.



Heather, this is not my area, however  fellow Red Wing Collectors were able to track it down.  Information can be found in the Red Wing Art Pottery– book 1, page 18.  It has a little info, but generally not much is known about this mark.

This page shows one of very few Saxon pieces ever found.  The vase is 10″ tall, unglazed and stained green.

It is a Cleveland vase, that is after 1887, to when the usage of there term begins and ends, and to what extent it was used is unknown a the present time.  The earliest know documentation fo shapes used in the Brushed Ware line is found in a company catalog dated about 1914..  The catalog showed a series of jardinières decorated with floral patterns and glazed in a Red Brown Glaze.

I have attached a link to this information.  Hope this was helpful.  Al Kohlman

M 2006, Charles Murphy, hobnail


Here is a unique piece that I obtained recently. I don’t know if it’s considered artware or dinnerware? Would love to learn more about it!

Thanks so much for your time and information, Lisa


Red Wing artware. Designed by Charles Murphy. Called “hobnail”. Came in green, blue, yellow, and o think a few other colors. Has some value, especially if all the hobs are in good shape $30-40ish?

Red Wing Pottery 1954 Greeting Card/Dish


Good morning Stacy.

I came across this lovely Red Wing dish that served as a greeting card from the Murphys in 1954. It is identified and pictured in Mark Moran’s Red Wing Pottery book (pg. 152) published by Warman’s. It measures 7″ across and has an oval triangular shape, cream colored glaze and depicts a relief modernist Madonna and Child in the center with the raised words GREETINGS FROM THE MURPHYS 1954 around the perimeter. Unsigned with lovely green speckled glaze on bottom. In excellent condition with no cracks or chips. One rough edge above the second G in GREETINGS, an edge spot above the F in FROM and a splotch (either paint or glaze) above the R in MURPHYS. Pics attached.

I’m curious to know its value and whether any RW Collectors may be interested in acquiring it.

With best regards,


Answer:  It has a value of roughly $150 and would be of great interest to Red Wing pottery collectors.

REd Wing 695 ashtray



I’ve had a such great time looking through the archives and have a question of my own to add!

I have an ashtray marked Red Wing USA 695 that I recently purchased.  Looking to find out more about it (year and value), it is in great condition with no visible damage or wear.  I’ve pasted the photo below.  Thanks!!


I was able to locate your piece in the Red Wing Art Pottery book by Ray Reiss. It was made in 1960 and it considered an ashtray. The value according to the book’s 2003 price guide is about $80. Stacy

Red Wing 1082


I picked up this pair of mint condition pitchers today at a church rummage sale for $4 apiece. They are marked Red Wing USA #1082. They are about 9″ tall. Can you tell me when they were made and what the current value is?




According to the Red Wing Art Pottery Two book by Ray Reiss the 1082 were made in 1941 and valued in the 2003 price guide at 40-60

Red Wing 1067 Shell planter


Hi, My friend gave me this awesome vase and i wanted to know was it worth anything. Her grandmothers vase


Your piece shape is actually 1067 from 1941. The Exterior glaze is shell ivory antique and the inside is Rochelle line. According to Red Wing Art Pottery Two by Ray Reiss and his price guide the value in 2003 was around 300. I have not seen one of these recently sell so more current value is unknown.