Ask the Experts

Ask the Experts 
A panel of volunteer collectors to answer your questions

Do you have a piece of Red Wing Stoneware, Dinnerware, or Art Pottery that you want to know more about?  Or perhaps it was just given to you by a family member or a friend, pick up a yard or estate sale? This is the place to get all your questions answered.

There are two ways to find answers to your pottery questions:

1. Search the Archive – The RWCS website has over 20,000 questions that have been previously answered on our website. Just use the search box on the RWCS website. Type in a few keywords. The search will bring up any question that references the terms you use. Here are the links to the full archive for each collecting area:

Artware – Archive Questions

Dinnerware – Archive Questions

Stoneware – Archive Questions

2. Submit your question – Follow the instructions below to submit your questions.

Please email your questions and photos to and Stacy Wegner, Executive Director, will be able to get your questions to the proper expert panel members.

Please Note: Neither the submitter contact information nor the Expert Panel members contact information will be exchanged. Exchange of question and answer will be conducted by the RWCS Executive Director.

Please provide the following information when submitting your email question to the Ask the Expert panel:

  1. Provide a detailed description of the piece (size, condition, decoration, markings, glaze). If you are asking about dinnerware please include the number of each piece in the place setting.
  2. Attach a picture, if possible, it always helps the panel to have a visual. You can also text your photo to 651-388-4004 (please include your name)
  3. Your question will be sent to the appropriate Expert Panel Members.
  4. The Expert Panel will provide you with an identification of the piece, the time period it was produced, the rarity/desirability of the item and a range of possible value*.
  5. Your answer will be emailed to you from the Executive Director. There will be no direct email from our Expert Panel members. Please be patient as answers to questions make take a few days turn around.
  6. Your question along with the answer will be posted on the website so others can view the question and answer. Neither your full name nor any personal contact information (email, phone, address) will be posted on the website or given to the Expert Panel Members.

Please note. The values provided are estimates only, based on the opinions and experiences of our expert panel members. The values do not constitute an appraisal. An appraisal must be done by a certified appraiser and usually constitutes a fee. You may be given a range of value but neither the RWCS nor the expert panel may be held legally liable for them.

The RWCS and the expert panel responses cannot and will not recommend specific buyers or places to sell your items.

Submit now:

If you have any questions, please call the RWCS Office and the Executive Director will be happy to assist you 651-388-4004.

About “The Expert Panel”

For over 15 years, the Ask the Expert  Panel has been comprised of many volunteer members of Red Wing Collectors Society. These volunteers are knowledgeable and respected RWCS members. The answer they provide are FREE and are based on their collector knowledge, their personal purchasing experience, and their observations in the market place. Together the panel members provide an educated collector response to your questions.