About Us

The Red Wing Collectors Society (501c7) holds the prestige of being in existence longer than most collecting organization and in having the largest membership. That alone makes the Society unique but it gets even better. This organization is devoted to keeping the Red Wing legacy alive. We thrive on continually learning about the pottery products made in Red Wing Minnesota and on making that information available to others.

The Society also prides itself on being member-centered in all of the decision-making and policy setting. Part of being member-centered is the unique approach to families through the KidsView Seminars at the July Convention.

As you think about it, if you have kids or not, what better place is there to take a summer vacation than the Red Wing area. The Fourth of July holiday typically means a day off so a vacation can be planned around the annual Convention. The Red Wing area offers a lot of fun things to do for everyone. There are the bluffs to climb, historic walking tour of the City, the Mississippi River, Mississippi Queen River Boat, shopping and you are only an hour away from the Twin Cities and Stillwater, Minnesota. The dump where pieces were discarded offers those who dig an experience they will always remember. Pottery lovers just enjoy walking around the area where it all began and imagine what it was like back then.

The Convention offers events for adults and for children. Kids View of Red Wing started in 2000 and is designed to educate the future members of the RWCS through fun activities. Seminars are offered on Thursday and Friday and parallel the adult events. There is a special KidsView auction where every child comes away with a of Red Wing that was donated by the membership. It is fun for kids and gives parents a chance to attend the adult seminars or just to talk with people they have met over the years.

The adult seminars at both the summer convention and MidWinter GetTogether are worth anyone’s time and you will come away with new knowledge that fuels your enthusiasm.

The Board of Directors are elected to be good stewards of the finances of the Society, to manage the day to day operations, to be visionary in promoting the future of the Society, represent the views of the membership and to conduct the annual Convention and MidWinter GetTogether. A member who has any suggestions, ideas or issues is not only welcome but invited to contact any of the Board members. Board members serve four-year terms so there is plenty of time to get to know each one.

Please take the time to familiarize yourself with the events sponsored by the Society and the Board of Directors.

RWCS By-Laws – current as of  September 2015