40 gallon transition crock with birch leafs

Question: Hi, I have a 40 gallon Red Wing transition crock and lid. I would like to know the value for the set. The lid has no chips or cracks and is marked with a blue “40”. The crock has a very fine hairline crack on each side that can’t be seen from the front view.


very nice piece you have there.  When mint, I’d except to see that crock bring somewhere around $2,500 if not a little more.  Damage can obviously impact value quite a bit depending on the severity.  It’s difficult to give you a fair estimate without seeing the hairlines.  As for the lid, these used to bring up to $1,000, but I’ve seen them bring closer to $500 at auctions in recent years.  It has a good look to it with the slight  dome shape and the color matches pretty well, so I’d put it somewhere in the $750 range.  Hope that info helps.