Mini Jug with Minnesota Michigan Game score paper label

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I picked up this mini jug at a flea market a few weeks back for $10 and not having any luck finding information on it.

I was able to find other Red Wing Minnesota/Michigan football mini jugs with the blue stamp. This one has the paper label with the score from what I believe is the 1934 game.

It also does have what appears to be the original ribbon on it. Any information and value would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your help!



I believe that this is a commemorative Little Brown Jug from the 1934 season commemorating the Minnesota Golden Gophers victory over Michigan 34th and nothing. The score reflects the different amount of points in each quarter. I was able to confirm that it was made by Red Wing. To a sports collector Ken Magee felt $100 to $200. I talked to a long time collector who happened to be in the museum today, and he felt that to a Red Wing collector maybe closer to $200 to $250 depending on the condition.