Red Wing Stoneware Company Preserve Jars



I have inherited 3 jars with lids with the marking RWSW on the bottom.  Best I can tell these might be Red Wing Stoneware jars but they are not marked other than the RWSW on the bottom and a ‘2’ on two of the lid knobs.  They are 5.5” high and 3 3/8” wide.  Inside they have a round mark in the center bottom.  Other than two lids having chips, they are in good condition.

The glaze is a white colored.  I have attached a number of pictures to help with the identification.

Thank you for your expertise and help.



These are preserve jars made by the Red Wing Stoneware Company(RWSW) marked on the bottom. Value around $40 with lids  and with no damage.

Clifford Olson