3 Red Wing Churn with no oval



I just purchased this #3 Union Stoneware crock.  Can you give me information on this piece.  There is not , and it does not appear it ever had the blue stamp under the wing.

The wing itself feels like it has been embossed into the crock rather than stamped. Does the lid look like an original, or what an original would look like?  The lid has a chip on the interior rim, the crock has no chips or cracks.

Lastly, can you give me an idea of value?

Thank you for your time.



Barb, Your 3 gallon butter churn has a value around $165.00. It has a lot of ink on it when they stamped the wing  that why it’s a little smudged and you can feel it. The lid is not Red Wing and goes on a crock.


Clifford Olson