6 gallon Birch Leaf Ice Water


We don’t find a lot of Redwing up here in BC Canada, but I have seen some beautiful pieces when we travel in the US. I was surprised to find this piece at my local thrift store the other day... sadly no lid.

From reading some of your website I see it has the “Union” oval and the birch leaves. I would be interested in knowing when these ice water crocks were produced and a value if possible! It is in pretty darn good shape - a small chip or two at the back on the base.

I appreciate any information you can supply.

many thanks


Eva, Your 6 gallon Birch Leaf Ice Water was manufactured by the Minnesota Stoneware Company in Red Wing Minnesota sometime between 1895 & 1906. In mint condition it has a value between $700-$800. Chips on the backside base, still $600-$700.


Clifford Olson