Continental Buffet, blue bowl


Hi –

I have a couple pieces of Continental Buffet and am wondering what it is worth? It seems to have been going up lately!

I have a BLUE salad bowl (unfortunately no serving spoon/fork), and a BLUE double casserole bottom (no lids or stand). Both are in excellent condition. Thanks.



Pricing scarce items like these blue Continental Buffet pieces is difficult since they rarely come up for sale, thus few comparisons.  Don’t feel bad about the missing salad fork and spoon.  Over time accessory pieces like these are usually separated from bowl because later owners don’t realize they go together.
Optimizing the value for these pieces depends on finding the right buyer.  Continental Buffet isn’t a complete dinnerware line as it includes only serving pieces.  This will limit the number of interested collectors.  That said, those interested will be eager to buy when such pieces become available to them.   The large salad bowl should be worth around $75, maybe more to the right buyer.  The base for the double casserole is more difficult because it isn’t complete.  The missing covers and stand make it worth nothing to most collectors.  Of course a collector who has the covers and stands but needs the base would jump at the opportunity, but there odds of finding that person are slim at best.  I would put the value of the base by itself at $15 to $20.