Bakeware (aka Oomph) line

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I have many pieces of Red Wing Oomph or bakeware; however, none of the pieces have markings that are discernible.

I know they are Red Wing for the woman I got the pieces from (now deceased) collected them during the 40’s
Here are two pics of my collection.
Thank you.


Red Wing produced the Bakeware (aka Oomph) line in the early to mid 1940s.  Several competing potteries made similar wares with the same color scheme.  Red Wing’s Village Green pattern, introduced in 1952, utilizes the same colors as Bakeware.  Brown and green pieces from different potteries are frequently mixed and matched because they are so similar in appearance.  Collectors often have difficulty sorting them out.
About half the items displayed in the two photos are Bakeware by Red Wing.  Most of the other items were made by competitors, though there are also a few Village Green items mixed in.  Some items I cannot identify due to the lack of a clear view.
The following items are NOT Bakeware.
First table starting from the left:
Coffee cups (front corner)
Egg or custard cups
Cannot identify the items to the left of the plates but they aren’t Bakeware
Large covered cruet or pitcher (near the center)
Shell-shaped small plates
Taller cylinder-shaped salt & pepper
Multi-piece relish tray
Handled round green plate (center back row)
Covered casserole (center back row)
Cylinder-shaped mugs (Bakeware mugs have a pronounced green rim)
Coffee cups in the right front corner are Village Green
Second table starting from the left:
Covered dish in the back is Village Green
Butter dish (might be Village Green??)
Skillet with handle
Small pots with handle
Cannot identify the stacked bowls – may or may not be Red Wing
Larry R