6 gallon salt glaze “sqatty” leaf crock

Question: First, thank you for offering this wonderful resource! 

My father was an avid collector of Red Wing crocks, jugs and mixing bowls. Most pieces my sister and I have been able to identify and price.  The six and eight gallon crocks are probably Red Wing, but the four gallon crock has a very simple decoration we’ve not been able to find elsewhere. All three appear to be in good condition. What are your thoughts about the age and value of these?

Thanks for help!


Tim, Your 4 and 8 gallon crocks are not Red Wing but your 6 gallon is and I think it’s a squatty. If it’s under 13 inches tall a squatty worth about $400 if over 14 inches it’s a regular size crock worth about $300 in mint condition. Thanks Cliff


Clifford Olson