20# transition butter crock


Hi, here’s my stoneware – I believe its a 20lb butter crock.

It has no cracks at all – there is a small chip just inside the top rim (picture attached).

The only markings on it are the “20” and “#” – in very nice condition, and there is nothing on the bottom.

It came with the lid that you see in the picture – I was told this is the ‘original lid’.

On the inner most circle of the lid – I guess the actual handle – there is what looks like a very faint “3” stamped in the pottery.

The lid is slightly different colour, the outer size is the same as the crock, but the inner part isn’t, so there is a wee bit of sliding.

My questions are:

value and age?

did butter crocks come with lids, or is this lid really from something else?

and a silly question – it being a butter crock, can I use it for fermenting kraut (as there are no cracks in it?)  It holds water fine.

Thank you SO much!



Sue, You have a nice Red Wing transition butter crock. The lid is not Red Wing  and they were used without the lid. It is fine to use for soaking about anything you want. I would buy a nice  3 gallon crock and use it. I put the vale around $700. Thanks Cliff