Turtle Dove pattern cups


My name is Kim and I’m trying to find information on the cups in the photos below.  I purchased them at a thrift shop and I’m hoping you can tell me something about them.

I am thrilled you offer an “ask the expert” service.  I spent a couple hours looking online and on your site but have been unable to find this pattern of a yellow flower on one side a yellow heart on the other.

I hope you are able to tell me if they actually are Red Wing and a few other details such as time period and an idea of possible value.

Thank you very much,



These cups are from the Turtle Dove pattern, one of six patterns in Red Wing’s DuoTone line.  DuoTone is also known by collectors as Cylinder.  The Turtle Dove pattern was introduced in 1962 and was made for only a couple of years because it did not sell well.

The value for a Turtle Dove cup in excellent condition would be around $5.  Adding a saucer would enhance the value to the $12-15 range.