Kohnke’s, Clear Lake, S. Dak advertising Red Wing sponge-ware beater jar



I have a spongeware mixer that is stamped “It pays to mix with Kohnke’s, Clear Lake, S. Dak.”  I was trying to research its value and only was able to find an August 2009 Redwing Collectors Society Newsletter (Vol 34 No. 4).  In it, they highlight auction results (page 11) and it shows that a RW sponge beater jar w/ Kohnke’s Clear Lake, S.D. sold for $1,700.  Mine is pristine and can’t imagine there being anything better about the one sold than mine.  All of that said, I’m finding RW mixer/beater jars with advertising selling for less than $100 on eBay.  Have values fallen that dramatically, or is there something more favorable/rare about this particular advertiser?  Thank you for any insights you are able to provide.

Thank you!



Scott, your Kohnke’s, Clear Lake, S. Dak advertising Red Wing sponge-ware beater jar is somewhat of a tough find and therefore demands a higher value than some the other sponge-ware beater jars.  However, with the downturn of many markets from the 2008 financial crisis have greatly reduced a number of Red Wing Stoneware items that use to demand premium dollars.  Your Kohnke’s beater jar use to sell for around $1200 in mint condition.  Today, if you find the right buyer, $600 to maybe $700.  Still a great piece, but no longer in that higher price category.  Hope this helps some.  Al Kohlman