Red WIng 1302 and 1291



This is a question for Larry. I recently purchased a set of Red Wing bowls. I believe these are bowls by Eva Zeisel. The smaller bowl measures 7″ across the top and is 4.5″ tall, marked Red Wing 1309 “last # is hard to read”, and looks to have a signature on the edge. The larger bowl measures 14″ across the top and is 2.75″ tall. It has 1201 on the bottom.  Both are chartreuse on the outside, and are dark brown or gunmetal brown on the inside. I have attached a few photos that may help with the identification of these pieces.




Eva Zeisel designed the Town and Country dinnerware pattern for Red Wing.  The pattern was very successful but it was the only design she produced for Red Wing.  These two items are from the art pottery lines, not the Town and Country pattern, therefore, they could not have been designed by Eva Zeisel.

The mold number on the pedestal bowl is 1302.  It is pictured on page 205 of “Red Wing Art Pottery” by Ray Reiss.  The 2003 price guide for the book states value between $30-40. The writer states the number on the larger bowl is 1201, but Ray’s book shows a vase as shape 1201.  From digging in the Volume two of Red Wing Art Pottery, I think the bowl is 1291. The book show a different glaze combinaton (turquise and bronze) the value would be around $80.