2 gallon advertising crock Bause advertising and butter pail



Thanks for your recent appraisals. I have a couple more items I would like your opinion on.

The first one is a 2 gallon advertising crock which appears to be Redwing. It belongs to a co-worker of mine. She is from northern Wisconsin and it has been in her family for many years. I think it’s a great piece! Sorry to say, it has a hole drilled in the base.  ?

The second item is a butter crock which I acquired at a yard sale in Red Wing during last summers Convention. I recently was able to purchase the lid, which I believe is correct. The lid has a glazed over chip on the rim and the crock has 2 small chips on the base.




Andy, the 2 gallon advertising crock is a great piece.  It is to bad that someone drilled a hole in the bottom of it. Value with the hole drilled $800 to $1000.  Your Red Wing butter jar with lid and two small base chips, $175 to $200.   Al Kohlman