Northern Lights Bowl, Frontenac Pitcher, Village Green Veggie



I have three pieces of Redwing Pottery. The green/brown dish and the pitcher are in perfect condition. The bowl has big along the top. I am interested in the value of these pieces and also where to go to sell them to a collector as I would like someone who has other pieces and would know that they would be appreciated. They were my grandmothers. We had family in Minnesota and she collected them when they would drive up from Milwaukee.

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Values for the following items assume excellent, undamaged condition.  Chips, flakes, cracks, hairlines, glaze flaws, etc will reduce these values significantly.

Northern Lights 12″ salad bowl:  $50-60

Village Green divided vegetable dish:  $20-25

Frontenac 2 quart pitcher:  $60-75


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