5 gallon Red Wing shoulder jug, back stamped

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Good evening from out west, Carmichael, CA.

We recently acquired another piece of cherished Red Wing stoneware, a five gallon jug.

What we’ve discovered is that it’s a bit  unusual in that the stamp that shows place of origin is not on the front of the jug. It’s up high on the back.

Is that a norm that we’ve just never seen before, a mistake or perhaps just a specific date of manufacture?

If you could shed a bit of light on the subject it would be deeply appreciated.

Thank you so very much for your attention.





Jim, my best guess is that your Red Wing 5 gallon shoulder jug was produced for advertising (as there is one which was produced in somewhat of a large quantity).  With this jug, Red Wing put the advertising under the red wing and stamped the oval on the rear of the jug much like the one you have pictured here.   This could have been the case were they reached their order quantity and therefore send this jug out in the way you see it now.  This is the only thing that makes sense to me.  Al Kohlman