Dinneware pattern ashtrays and spoon rests

Question: . I really appreciate the resources your organization provides. I checked the references for the Pepe questions already answered, and find I have a few more to ask.

I have not seen any pricing for covered butter dishes, the coffeepot with lid, nor the teapot with lid.  Both of the latter are in excellent condition. 1 butter dish has a grayish 3/4″ swath on one side of the lid (production error?) and the other has a hairline crack in the lid.
What might the value of these be?
Also a question regarding condition:  if the serving pieces have little cracks in them, do they still have any value? I have the 2.5qt covered casserole with a 3/8″ long crack on the interior lip.   Additionally, it has what I would call “pinprick” discolorations on the inner rim (7) and the underside of the lid (7).  These appear to be places where the glaze didn’t take, which allowed brownish discoloration to occur.  This is also true of the covered bean pot casserole I have. It has 4 pinprick discolorations on the underside of the lid and 7 around the inner rim.  It also has a 1/16″ inch chip on the inner lid.  How much will these impact the value?
I also have a covered gravy boat with attached plate that has a production flaw crack in the lid.  It is a 3/4″ crack that extends from the spoon cutout to the underside of the lid. It is glazed over, so I assume a production flaw. It is not visible from the outside.  How much would this piece be worth?

I wondered if the price range of  $7-15 apiece for the dinner, salad and bread plates is still accurate.

I also have one serving plate (10″) with a metal handle, and another two-tiered plate (7 1/2″ and 6″) with metal joiner and handle.  I understand that these were novelty pieces and not really part of the dinnerware line.  Are they worth anything?

Lastly, my parents apparently were saving money when they bought 14 beige fleck small bowls (5″) to use with the Pepe dinnerware. I assume they are not worth much, but I thought I’d ask.

Oh yes, and I have a Red Wing art pottery vase, 3-handled, 8″high, 5″ diameter at the top and 3 1/2″ diameter at the bottom, blue with a pink interior.  As best I can make out the number 1167 is on the bottom above the Red Wing indentation.  This would not be for sale, but I am curious about its value.

Thank you so much for taking the time to answer these questions!



Thank you for taking the time to look through our archive our questions. Here the pieces that you inquired about.

Pepe salt and pepper  $20
Pepe butter dish $30-40
Lute Song ashtray $15-20
Tampico butter dish lid  $5 without the base
Lute Song ashtray $15-20
Turtle Dove salt and pepper $40-50
Magnolia spoon rest $50-60
Zinnia spoon rest $70-80
Merrileaf ashtray $15-20
Pompeii ashtrays $15-20 each
Hearthside cereal bowls:  $10-15 each