30 gal Minnesota double birch, 30 gal Salt Glaze butterfly back stamped


Hello… My husband & I are wanting to know of any history/ information/ value that you may have about these (2) crocks.

The first one is a 30 gallon Minnesota Stoneware crock.  No cracks at all, inside & out!  It has 4 birch leaves on the front with a Minnesota Stoneware Company oval stamp.  Also… it has handles on each side.

The second crock is a 30 gallon salt glazed hand painted cobalt blue butterfly.  It is also in MINT condition (inside & out)!  It is embossed/ stamped on lower back side.  This one also has handles on each side.

Please let us know whatever you can about these pieces!  We are VERY curious!!!  If you need more info from us, please don’t hesitate to ask!!!

We thank you in advance!

Anxiously excited stoneware collectors,

Shonna & Kelly


Shonna & Kelly, you have two very nice and sought after Red Wing pieces pictured here.  The 30 gallon zinc glazed crock with four birch leaves and Minnesota oval was produced by the Minnesota Stoneware Company between 1895 & 1906.  In perfect condition, the value is between $1000 & $1200 or so.  The 30 gallon Red Wing Stoneware back stamped salt glazed butterfly crock was produced between 1887 & 1895.  In perfect condition its value is between $6000 & $6500.  Just outstanding pieces!  Al Kohlman