Red Wing Pottery 1954 Greeting Card/Dish


Good morning Stacy.

I came across this lovely Red Wing dish that served as a greeting card from the Murphys in 1954. It is identified and pictured in Mark Moran’s Red Wing Pottery book (pg. 152) published by Warman’s. It measures 7″ across and has an oval triangular shape, cream colored glaze and depicts a relief modernist Madonna and Child in the center with the raised words GREETINGS FROM THE MURPHYS 1954 around the perimeter. Unsigned with lovely green speckled glaze on bottom. In excellent condition with no cracks or chips. One rough edge above the second G in GREETINGS, an edge spot above the F in FROM and a splotch (either paint or glaze) above the R in MURPHYS. Pics attached.

I’m curious to know its value and whether any RW Collectors may be interested in acquiring it.

With best regards,


Answer:  It has a value of roughly $150 and would be of great interest to Red Wing pottery collectors.