Blossom Time dinner plate with an attached metal carrying handle

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I am inquiring about the following piece of Red Wing dinnerware I inherited from my grandmother.  I can’t find the correct email address on your “Ask the Experts” section, so I’m sending it to the only email address I could find.

After reviewing your “Ask the Experts” archives, it appears that this 10.5″ x 10.5″ square-ish plate comes from the “Blossom Time” collection, which I think you stated was produced from 1950-55.  I’m wondering if the removable carrying handle was part of the original collection (and if the item thus has a name), and if it adds any value to the piece?  Or, was this handle a generic type of add-on from that era that people could add to plates/platters to make them more portable/versatile?  It is in excellent condition.

Thanks for your help.



The photo shows a Blossom Time dinner plate with an attached metal carrying handle.  Blossom Time is one of many patterns made in the Concord shape.

The metal handle was not listed in Red Wing brochures or price lists.  It was an accessory that could be purchased separately.  The handle was sold by Roberts Colonial House, a company in Chicago.  There may have been a co-marketing agreement with Red Wing, or the handle may have been available for purchase at the Red Wing Pottery Salesroom.  The handle adds minimal value to the Blossom Time plate, perhaps an extra $5 or $10.

I’ve attached two photos of a new unused handle in its original cellophane packaging.  The packaging includes a photo of a handle on a Lotus dinner plate, a sister pattern to Blossom Time.  The Roberts Colonial House handle was sold in the early 1950s.  A few years later Red Wing began to make tidbit trays out of surplus plates by drilling a hole and adding hardware.  It seems likely the tidbit tray concept originated with Roberts Colonial House handle.