King of Tarts color available


Hello Experts,

My question is-

How many King of Tarts were made total in each of the colors?

and are these all the colors?

multi colored

dusty blue

speckled blue green with black


pink with black



Thanks- Angela


Sorry but I have no idea how many King of Tart cookie jars were produced in each of the colors.  I don’t have access to production numbers and to my knowledge no such documentation exists.

We do not have thorough documentation on the King of Tarts cookie jar.  I have brochures from 1955 and 1956 that list the available colors as Fleck Blue and Fleck Pink.  Production of the multicolor jar began in the 1940s as evidenced by jars with an ink stamp that was not used after 1949.  The other colors were likely produced in the early 1950s but we have no documentation of dates or available colors.

My list of available colors would include multicolored, fleck blue with black trim, fleck pink with black trim, dusty blue, rust, and yellow.  Most likely rust = cinnamon and yellow = chartreuse.  I am not aware of a “wheat” colored King of Tarts jar, but would not be surprised to learn there are additional colors that I’ve not seen.