6 gallon Red Wing Stoneware Coffee Urn Lining



I’m hoping you can help me identify the stoneware “bell” from the attached photos. We bought it at a yard sale while living in Bismarck, ND so it didn’t travel too far from the factory if it’s Red Wing. Assuming it’s Red Wing in origin.

The “6” is the only marking on the object. It does have what appears to be finger, or glove probably, prints on the inside of the bell where it was lifted or carried before glazing. The area around the “6” is unglazed and rough.

I can’t find anything like it in an exhaustive internet search. I’d appreciate your time in looking at the photos and telling me what you think or know.




Kevin, you have a (or insert).  They came in 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, & 10 gallon sizes.  These would have been used in Hospitals, Restaurants, Colleges or other large types of commercial kitchens.  Value is quite low, $35 to $50.   An now you know.  Al Kohlman