Wax Sealer Lids

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Question: –

I’m not sure if I have to be a member to receive an answer, but I’m hoping that Mr. Al Kohlman will be kind enough to answer my question.  I did some research this morning to try to find out the type of lid that was originally used to seal a “wax sealed” stoneware canning jar.  I found a jar similar to mine (my jar looks to be 1/2 gallon in size) in your “Ask the Expert” column.  The post is titled “1 gal. bottom signed Minnesota jars,” and is dated March 22, 2014.  The lids that person is using do not look original to the jars, so I read further and found out that a tin lid was used to cover the opening and that wax sealed the lid to the top of the jar.

My dark brown stoneware jar is marked on the bottom “Minnesota Stoneware Co. Redwing Minn.”  I would like to find an original tin lid to put over the jar opening, but I’m not sure who manufactured the lids.  I have stoneware Redwing Mason jars, and they use screw-on lids with milk glass liners.  I found a sample of a tin lid that doesn’t screw on in an Ebay ad and have attached a rather poor picture of it.  I believe the manufacturer is Kerr.  I’m wondering if this is the kind of lid that was originally used on the stoneware canning jars?  I’m hoping that you can let me know.  The information would be much appreciated.


Mary Jo


Mary Jo, you are correct with the lids on the wax sealers.  They were just a flat tin lid that was placed on the canning jar and waxed was poured over them.  Now the Red Wing Stoneware Company did not produce any of the lids that I am aware of.  I am sure the jars were produced to have lids from the hardware stores (such is Kerr & Ball) fit them.  Also, it would be my best guess that those small tin lids for the canning jars came from the hardware store as well.  I think Larry’s jugs may have these lids or if you know what you are looking for, eBay would be another great sourse.  Good luck.  Al Kohlman