5 gallon Red Wing crock and 8 gallon Red Wing butter churn


My parents both recently passed away, and these two crocks were in their house. My parents are originally from Minneapolis/Duluth and my grandparents owned a grocery store in Minneapolis back in the 40s-50s. I assume these came from the store. I know the pics aren’t great, and I can go back to their house to take better ones (and also of the bottoms if that helps), but I’d like to know more. I’d like to know an idea of their value, thanks Anita



Anita, the 5 gallon Red Wing crock has a value between $70 & $80 if in perfect condition.  The 8 gallon Red Wing butter churn has a value today between $700 & $800.  You might want to try Craigslist to sell your pieces. Best of luck on your sales. Al Kohlman