Hot water bottle with paper label


Hi my name is Dana & Jen, both my wife and I are first year members of RWCS. I was at an Estate Auction this last weekend. This bottle was up and was listed at Red Wing Foot Warmer. The decal on the front says. SPORT GOODS, KENNEDY BROS. ARMS CO. SAINT PAUL MINNESOTA. I am a former Archaeologist and enjoy any type of history, pre-historic or historical. How rare is this jug. I don’t collect this type or Red Wing. It needs a home. Thanks, hope to hear from you.


This bottle has a brown glaze is 12″ high and has a diameter of 6 1/2″ is triangle shape, 3 sided and weighs 6 pounds 2.6 ounces.


Dana & Jen, I have not seen this advertising on a Red Wing foot warmer before.  This sticker may have been added to the foot warmer either by a company employee, someone applying the sticker and trying to push this off as a Red Wing advertising piece or just a piece that was near when someone acquired the sticker and wanted to place it on something.  If the company wanted advertising on this piece from the Red Wing Stoneware Company, they would have commission Red Wing to apply an ink stencil under the glaze.  I know of no applied sticker advertising ever being produced by Red Wing.  With all this being said, your Red Wing foot warmer without the cap would have a value in the area of $30 to $40.