Bob White Teapot and stand cleaning question



I recently purchased a Bob White teapot at an auction. It is in perfect condition and it came with the copper warming stand. I am wondering if the copper warming stand is indeed made out of copper? I tried to clean the copper stand using vinegar and salt, as I use on other copper items I have, and it did nothing. The copper warming stand is blotchy looking – tarnished. Is there a way to clean this? I am also missing the copper cup which sits in the holder.  The tea pot says “Red Wing, USA on the bottom and I don’t see any markings on the warmer. I paid $55.00 for the set at the auction, which I thought was a fair price as I really wanted the tea pot and the warmer was a bonus.  Thank you very much,  Kathleen Fiske


Red Wing Potteries made the Bob White teapot but they did not make the copper-colored stands. The stands and other metallic accessories were made for Red Wing by a metal works company.  These stands were not made of solid copper.  A magnet will stick to the stand, proving the primary metal is steel or iron covered by a thin copper-colored coating.

I am not aware of a cleaning method that would remove the blotchy appearance because the blotches represent damage to the coating. I would be wary of trying an abrasive cleaner because it will remove more of the thin copper coating.  A fresh layer of the copper-colored coating would be required, and the expense would likely be cost-prohibitive.  The $55 you paid for the teapot and stand is a very fair price if the teapot is in undamaged condition.