1 gallon Red Wing crock with the 4 1/2″ wing and lid with wing stamp


Hi I am Ed and I thought you could help identify, date and possibly give me some idea what the crock is worth. My wife and I purchased our home. Along with the house came a lot of junk and this curious crock with lid. The crock is plain with the only markings of a 4 1/2 inch red wing center mass of the crock. Measuring approximately 7 3/4 inches high and 7 3/4 inch wide diameter. The crock is near perfect other then a 1/2 inch by 1/4 inch not very deep chip on the bottom edge. The lid is perfect with no damage other then old looking. In the center of the lid is a button handle with a number 1. Radiating out from the center is a multi-pedal design circling to a non glazed circle then to the glazed edge. The lid also has a 2 inch red wing and a little yellowing color compared to the crock itself. Was this lid made for this crock originally? Thank you for any information.


Ed, you have a couple of nice pieces here.  The 1 gallon Red Wing crock with the 4  1/2″ wing with small chip on the bottom is valued right around $400.  The lid is much rarer than the crock because of the small red wing on it.  The red wing on the lid is not very well stamped so it will hurt the value somewhat.  $600 to $650.  Also, that lid was made to fit any Red Wing 1 gallon crock and not necessary yours.  Hope this was helpful.  Al Kohlman