Collection of Crocks


I recently moved back home to MN after retiring from the government.   I joined the army in 1983.   I had a heart attack so I am wanting to sell some things.  before my temp disability insurance kicks in at work. I wonder if any of this has any value.   They have personal value to me and my Grandpa told me the whiskey jug he won after WW!! it was supposed to be destroyed as it has drips and is missing the blue RWUSC stamp



Tony, lets start with the crocks.  The 4 gallon Red Wing (these values are for all perfect pieces)  with the lighter decorations.  $60 to $70.  10 gallon Red Wing with large 6″ wing, $140 to $150.  The small advertising butter crock in the front is quite common, $15 to maybe $20.  The 1 gallon crock in the back is not Red Wing, so I have no idea of value on it.  The 2 gallon with the small red wing on it, $45 to $55.  Lastly, your best piece.  The 5 gallon Albany slip top shoulder jug with the 4″ red wing.  To bad it does not have an oval or the value would be higher.  $400 to $500.  It looks nice from here & if in perfect condition, I would lean toward the higher value.  Hope this helps.  Al Kohlman