Ardennes dinnerware, early version


I have a Redwing tea set (picture attached), and I would like to know its age and origin.  The value would be nice but not as important.  Perhaps someone else would love it and want to give it a home.

It is marked Red Wing on the bottom, and there is some staining. Thank you for any information.



The items in the photo are from the early version of the Ardennes dinnerware pattern.  Red Wing introduced their first four hand painted dinnerware patterns in 1941.  The shape was called Provincial and the patterns were named for the four provinces of France: Orleans, Brittany, Normandy and Ardennes.  Orleans (red rose) and Brittany (yellow rose) were produced unchanged until 1950.  The early version of Normandy was made for only one year and is very difficult to find today.  The early version of Ardennes was made for several years.  We aren’t sure of the discontinuation date but we know it was no longer available by November 1946.

The Ardennes and Normandy patterns were redesigned and reintroduced in 1949. In this version the teapot, sugar bowl and creamer were solid colored (Forest Green or Dubonnet) and were not decorated with the leaf design found on your items.

Your early Ardennes teapot with cover would be worth $100-125 in excellent condition.  The covered sugar bowl and creamer are worth $30-35 each in excellent condition.  Any damage, including stains, will reduce the value significantly.