Marigold Whipping Cream bowls



I hope you can help determine if my item is rare and the value.  I have a Red Wing signed Marigold whipping cream bowl I see NO chip, Cracks , or Repairs . There are a few of these around on the online but none are brown . I have included some photos




I don’t know a lot about these Marigold Whipping Cream bowls.  They don’t fit into any of the standard classifications used by collectors.  The bowl isn’t from any dinnerware pattern and certainly isn’t art pottery.  It harkens back to the days of stoneware but was made long after Red Wing ceased stoneware production.  I believe these bowls were made in the early 1960s and they are usually light tan in color.  I haven’t previously seen one in dark brown.

The tan bowls were undoubtedly made to promote Marigold whipping cream.  Hard to say why this bowl was glazed dark brown because the glaze obscures the Marigold advertising, so it’s doubtful it was ordered this way by the Marigold company.  It’s probably not a lunch hour piece.  Could have been a special order by a customer who liked the shape of the bowl but not the advertising.  While the color is rare, it’s probably not worth much more than the standard tan bowl because the advertising is what makes the bowl collectible.

I’d estimate the value to be in the $100-150 range.